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Guiding Offender Reentry: Our Game Plan to Break the Cycle

Recidivism is a community problem, not just a criminal justice problem. In 2020, 14 percent of those arrested in New York City were later rearrested for committing another crime. This unfortunate cycle jeopardizes the safety and security of the community. To slow (and hopefully stop) the revolving door, EAC Network’s Offender Reentry Program (ORP) provides direct support services that ease an often challenging transition back into the community.

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Our NYC Criminal Justice Programs Work to Break the Cycle

As evinced by the media NYC crime rates continue to rise, but EAC Network’s Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice programs work toward solving the root of the problem instead of just putting a bandage on it. Our criminal justice programs are providing evidence-based solutions in conjunction with case management services in all five boroughs that aim to address both the mental health needs and substance use issues that so many New Yorkers face leading them to the criminal justice system. While working with the Court System, EAC shares the goal of preventing recidivism while sustainably improving the lives of others.

alternatives to incarceration
Achieving Better Alternatives to Incarceration with Nassau TASC

During the past five years, EAC Network’s alternatives to incarceration program, Nassau TASC (Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities), has helped more than 1,200 individuals involved in the justice system who have a substance use disorder. Through services like outpatient treatment, monitoring, and self-help groups, local residents, such as recent graduate…

TASC Leaders Attend National TASC Conference

EAC Network experts recently attended the National TASC Conference in Ohio, which brings hundreds of individuals from around the country together to explore the latest advancements and issues in the treatment and recovery of justice-involved individuals with behavioral health needs. EAC Network’s TASC and other behavioral health programs are internationally recognized for the impact they have on people’s lives, and it’s thanks to our very own leadership team we have to thank for that!

From the National TASC Newsletter: an Overview of EAC Network’s NYC TASC Mental Health Programs

EAC Network has provided TASC services in New York since 1978, and in 1998 we expanded our alternative to incarceration (ATI) programming to include a diversion program for seriously mentally ill offenders and co-occurring mentally ill and substance using offenders. Our NYC TASC Mental Health Diversion programs employ Clinically Informed Judicial Supervision (CIJS), which considers a person’s assessed risk of re-offending and violence, as well as mental health and substance use or social service needs, to inform judges’ responses…

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