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Manhattan Mental Health Court

Program Overview

Manhattan Mental Health Court’s (MMHC) aim is to provide individuals with a serious mental illness an alternative to incarceration and to provide treatment and stabilization in the community. Case Managers develop working alliances with participants to help them obtain housing, mental health, substance abuse, vocational, legal, and family services to help establish long-term stability. 

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Program Description

The Problem:

Manhattan Mental Health Court (MMHC) is an alternative to incarceration court. We hope to provide our participants with the appropriate level of mental health treatment in the community in lieu of being incarcerated. MMHC works with EAC as a bridge between the court and the treatment providers as well as provide a risk determination and treatment recommendations.

Our Solution:

Conduct comprehensive assessments to address participants’ mental health needs by creating individualized treatment plans that connect them to community services.

How We Do it:

Staff first collaborate with defense attorneys in order to obtain relevant records pertaining to participants’ case and mental health history. Case managers will conduct an initial intake with participants whether they are incarcerated or in the community. A comprehensive assessment, including a risk assessment, is completed to identify the individual’s specific treatment needs. Then, an individualized treatment plan is developed and once accepted into MMHC, case managers link participants to appropriate services in the community. Staff continue to monitor participants throughout the duration of their mandate in MMHC, providing periodic updates to the Court.

Contact Information:

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Emma Stebbins, LMSW
Program Director


175 Remsen Street
5th Floor
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