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group of people in a circle with their hands meeting in the middle and smiling
Addressing NYC’s Opioid Epidemic Together: Community Solutions

The opioid crisis has touched the lives of countless individuals and families. The opioid crisis is killing one New Yorker every three hours. However, New York communities refuse to sit idly by and watch as friends, neighbors, and loved ones fall victim to this epidemic. Instead, NYC focuses on prevention,…

kids standing in front of a set of school lockers
Shaping Strong Foundations: Teenagers’ Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a fundamental aspect of a teenager’s mental and emotional well-being. It shapes how they view themselves, interact with others, and navigate the challenges of adolescence and growing up. Mistakes will be made along the way that are both in and out of their control. We as adults need…

group of young adults standing in a group smiling and with their hands together in the hair in celebration or unity
Resilient Neighborhoods: Stronger and Safer Together

A community’s “bend, don’t break” mentality is the foundation for resilient neighborhoods. The world around us will always be in a state of flux, but we must remember that when we band together, we can overcome any public safety issue. While law enforcement plays a crucial role in maintaining order…

volunteers helping hand out goods to others
Kindness Matters: A Pillar of Positive Change

In a world that can feel chaotic and overwhelming, there’s something truly uplifting about the idea of spreading kindness, even in the most unexpected ways. That’s what National Random Acts of Kindness Week is about – a dedicated time to remind people that kindness matters by performing acts of generosity…

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