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Anger Management Program

program purpose; anger management program

Program Overview

The Anger Management Program (AMP) helps individuals control anger and resulting negative behaviors.

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Clients Served Last Year:


Program Contact:

Kim Harris
Program Director

Funding Generously Provided by:

Fees and private donations.

Contact Information:

175 Fulton Avenue
4th Floor
Hempstead, NY 11550
(516) 489-7929 / (800) 244-STOP (7687)

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Program Description

The Problem:

Anger is an emotion that occurs for many reasons, including hurt feelings, not being heard, embarrassment, frustration, guilt, belittlement, problems with others, stress, debts, and other practical problems, and can result in violent and/or negative behaviors.

Our Solution:

Motivate individuals to address an underlying, pressing problem to prevent aggressive behavior through intervention and education.

How We Do it:

AMP offers a comprehensive course for individuals charged with conflict-related offenses. During the course, participants examine the behavioral and motivating factors that contributed to their referral, learn about the legal consequences of continued aggression, and analyze the cost of their anger to their families and the community at large. In addition to group exercises, Case Managers individually screen and assess each participant to determine if their aggressive and associated behavioral disorders require more intensive professional intervention.

How You Can Help:

To support AMP with a gift, click here or call (516) 539-0150 x117.


The Outcomes of Anger Management Program (AMP)

Participants are given the necessary tools to prevent anger precipitated offenses in the future.

What People Say About Anger Management Program (AMP)

This program is helpful because it informs individuals on how to control their anger. I learned different steps to control my anger, like to sit and actually think about what I am about to do before I do it.

AMP Client

This program has changed the way I feel toward certain situations. I feel confident to handle things differently. Two things I’ve learned are to stop and think and to take deep breaths before acting. Knowing things could have been made differently by just walking away affected me.

AMP Client

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