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Alcohol Education Program (AEP)

Purpose; Brooklyn Alcohol Education Program

Program Overview

Alcohol Education Program (AEP) promotes public safety by educating participants on the disease concepts of alcohol abuse and dependency.


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Fees and private donations.

Henry AlgarinHenry Algarin; Program Director

Henry Algarin
Program Director

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Danny Baez
Case Manager

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Program Description

The Problem:

Individuals that drive while intoxicated put themselves and others at risk.

Our Solution:

Provide education and an opportunity to change negative driving behaviors for offending drivers.

How We Do it:

AEP is a five-week, 12.5-hour educational group series. During the groups, participants engage in interactive journal writing, self-growth, and enhancement activities to learn about the use and abuse of alcohol. Clients learn to develop a plan of action to change their behavior. Participants are expected to attend four out of five sessions and pass the post-course test to successfully complete the program. If it is determined that the individual is in need of treatment for alcohol dependence, he or she will be referred to an OASAS-licensed alcohol treatment program or other supportive services.

How You Can Help:

To support AEP with a gift, click here or call (516) 539-0150 x117.


The Outcomes of the Alcohol Education Program (AEP)

The Alcohol Education Program changes the way participants think about driving while intoxicated, and allows them to make better choices about driving if they are intoxicated, which reduces the risk of drunk driving incidents.

What People Say About the Alcohol Education Program (AEP)

Actually at first I thought it was a joke. But over time it made me realize how dangerous and dumb I was before I got caught drinking and driving. AEP is a great program because it makes you open your eyes.

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