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Vocational Services

Vocational Services

Program Overview

Vocational Services provides vocational and educational counseling and services to individuals challenged with substance abuse who receive services from drug treatment agencies in Nassau County.


Clients Served Last Year:


Program Contact:

Danielle Dilena, MS, LMHC, NCC, CCMHC
Director, Vocational Services 

Funding Generously Provided by:

Nassau County Department of Human Services, OASAS, and private donations.

Contact Information:

175 Fulton Avenue, 4th Floor
Hempstead, New York 11550
(516) 489-8101 x186

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Program Overview

The Problem:

Individuals suffering from substance abuse often find difficulty obtaining and maintaining employment.

Our Solution:

Provide individuals with the assistance, counseling, and services they need to enhance their chances for success.

How We Do it:

Research demonstrates that an important outcome indicator in the addiction recovery process is the individual’s ability to successfully obtain, maintain, and/or reintegrate into the workplace. Located primarily on-site to individuals in recovery at EAC Network’s own New Path Treatment Center as well as partner agencies including Central Nassau Guidance, EDNY, Long Island Reach, and Southeast Nassau Guidance. Vocational Services’ staff provide skill assessments, interest/career inventories, community-based exploration activities, interview preparation services, resume writing services, and address barriers, including justice involvement and/or poor work history.

How You Can Help:

Vocational Services is in need of a new desk and printer. To support Vocational Services with a gift, click here or call (516) 539-0150 x117.


The Outcomes of Vocational Services



At any given time, approximately 50% of Vocational Services participants have completed training and gained employment or are actively employed.

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60% are work ready, while the rest continue their hard work to obtain skills needed for employment.

What People Say About Vocational Services

When I first met Mary at the parolee orientation, I was a little apprehensive meeting her at EAC Network for assistance. Upon our meeting, I provided her with my needs and the direction I wanted to head in. She and another vocational counselor were able to assist me in those areas including: updating my resume, e-mail creation, navigating the internet in order to complete work applications, and general computer knowledge, which is greatly needed in today’s market. The counselors were kind, friendly, and professional from the start. I continue to stop in at EAC Network to discuss my progress, challenges, and daily routines. If a situation should arise at work, I know I can reach out to a vocational counselor at EAC Network for support.

Vocational Services Client

Through EAC Network’s Vocational Services I’ve learned to be patient and not give up on myself. I learned how to write up a resume and dress right, and how to prepare for and act at a job interview. EAC Network has prepared me for work and an opportunity to go to school and make something out of myself. I am so happy that there is a program like this because it brought me back to life and gave me something to live for.

Vocational Services Client

Vocational Services at EAC Network is an organized, progressive-thinking, client-centered department and is wholly committed to the individuals we serve.

Vocational Services Staff

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