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Your Streets.
Our Streets.

As we look to the year ahead, EAC Network is dedicated reaching the goals we share with our state, county, and city leadership. These are our streets and your streets, and we understand that many New Yorkers are concerned about making them a safer place for everyone. Our state’s leaders talk about significant investments into high-need areas and developing impactful policies and goals by raising awareness and obtaining the needed resources. We know we can play a vital role in making these policies a reality.

Mental health and substance abuse are pressing issues affecting our schools, workplaces, and homes. To help alleviate these public safety concerns, EAC Network has partnered with District Attorney’s offices, the unified Court System, law enforcement, and mental health and substance abuse providers.

Through our efforts and community-based collaboration, EAC Network will continue to make positive impacts in the year ahead. We’re excited to work together to create a safer, more secure future for all New Yorkers.

Alternatives to Incarceration

Our programs provide alternatives to incarceration for those with mental health or substance abuse issues saving taxpayers money and improving rehabilitation outcomes. Individuals are diverted from jails and equipped with various means of support, including monitoring services and offender accountability measures. Prioritizing these individuals’ needs in this way leads to better paths to recovery and overall community well-being.

Re-arrest Rates for Successful Discharges

Re-arrest rates for any arrest at 24 months following program admission for all admissions who were successfully discharged.

Re-arrest outcomes include adult arrests for any finger printable offense

Recidivism rates in New York are at 43%.

  • Nassau TASC
  • Suffolk TASC

Substance Abuse & Behavioral Court Treatment Projects

EAC’s substance abuse & treatment projects provide guidance, alternatives, and opportunities for those struggling with alcohol and drug dependencies. Helping people overcome substance abuse reduces healthcare costs and creates safer neighborhoods. Through education and advocacy, participants work towards better life skills and strategies to become gainfully employed and positive contributors in their communities. Our objective is to provide an environment of trust and support that empowers our clients to be successful in their recovery.

Offender Re-entry

EAC’s primary objective with these programs is to reduce the recidivism rate of offenders and improve community reintegration of those returning to society. With assistance from state and local agencies, clinical care coordinators, and case managers, these individuals can achieve long-term stability in their personal lives.

We offer these vocational training and individualized treatment programs to support the participant’s development and rehabilitation. In doing so, we assist these participants’ employment trajectories and lessen their chances of recidivism. Our purpose is to provide the tools to help break the cycle and create an opportunity for real growth and change in these individuals. Reaching these goals also allows state funds to be reallocated to build healthy and safe communities.

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