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criminal justice programs
Our NYC Criminal Justice Programs Work to Break the Cycle

As evinced by the media NYC crime rates continue to rise, but EAC Network’s Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice programs work toward solving the root of the problem instead of just putting a bandage on it. Our criminal justice programs are providing evidence-based solutions in conjunction with case management services in all five boroughs that aim to address both the mental health needs and substance use issues that so many New Yorkers face leading them to the criminal justice system. While working with the Court System, EAC shares the goal of preventing recidivism while sustainably improving the lives of others.

purposeful parenting
LIPI Promotes the Pillars of Purposeful Parenting

For many at-risk Suffolk County children, the Long Island Parenting Institute (LIPI) is the bridge that connects them to a brighter future. Through evidence-based curricula and tools, LIPI teaches, supports, and empowers vulnerable Long Island children who have been abused or neglected. During National Purposeful Parenting Month, we highlight the positive impact LIPI has in underserved communities on Long Island.

minority mental health awareness month
Minority Mental Health Awareness Month Highlights Need for Strong Communities

Every July, Minority Mental Health Awareness Month spotlights the unique mental health struggles underserved populations face. All year round, our Behavioral Health & Community Justice programs and services, including Mental Health Diversion and Brooklyn SAMSHA Behavioral Health Treatment Court Collaborative, offer evidence-based enhanced services to vulnerable New York City residents.

family support services
Our Family Support Services Are a Vital Lifeline to At-Risk New Yorkers

The COVID-19 pandemic presented many daunting challenges, including unemployment and financial insecurity, to at-risk families across Long Island and New York City. During these difficult times, EAC Network’s family support services and programs provided vital frontline assistance that made a major difference in the quality of life of many underserved members of our community.

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