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three wooden figures symbolizing a mom and dad on eith side of a see saw with a child representation in the middle
Children of Divorce: The Importance of Counseling

July is National Child-Centered Divorce Month, and we are reminded that the impact of divorce reaches way beyond the parents going their separate ways. While it is a challenging and life-altering event for everyone involved, no one is impacted more than kids. When it comes to children of divorce, there…

blocks of wood stacked that have honesty, integrity values and ethics on them
EAC Network Believes in the Importance of Nonprofit Transparency

In the realm of philanthropy and community service, nonprofit organizations play a pivotal role in addressing societal issues and making a positive impact on people’s lives. However, nonprofit transparency is an indispensable quality that organizations must uphold to ensure the public’s trust and continued support. Unfortunately, there have been times…

1st July Blog - Empowering Youth - Feature - Final
The Importance of Empowering Youth

Empowering youth means providing the necessary tools, opportunities, and support to develop a sense of confidence that they will use throughout their lives. This foundation is imperative not only for their personal development but for the communities as well. Supported, educated, and informed children grow to become inspired and capable…

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