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Brooklyn Behavioral Health Treatment Court: Addressing Relapses & Recidivism

Mental health and addiction present many challenges to individuals around the world, including the communities throughout New York’s 5 boroughs. Thankfully, a beacon of hope emerged through the Brooklyn SAMSHA Behavioral Health Treatment Court Collaborative. This EAC Network program is offered at and in association with the Brooklyn Criminal Court….

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Exploring Recovery Resources

Recovery is a journey that requires constant support and engagement. EAC Network offers recovery resources and services to individuals in the New York City area, assisting them on their wellness path. Whether you or a loved one are in the process of rehabilitation from substance abuse or working on behavioral/…

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Considering Local Volunteer Opportunities? New York Times Recommends CASA

In the season of giving, one of the best gifts you can give is your time. Not only will it help those in need, but your altruism will also make your own holidays brighter. If you are interested in local volunteer opportunities, consider EAC Network’s Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). The New York Times’ opinion columnist Nicholas Kristof recently recommended volunteering with CASA in his annual “Holiday Gift Guide.”

Chance to Advance Mentor Reflects on the Importance of Mentorship

“My name is Thomas T. Mentoring to me is all about making a difference. When I was growing up in the 60s, the youngest of three, my brother was in Vietnam most of that time, and I really didn’t have anyone to look up to at home. I was bullied at school and wasn’t good at sports. I remember that feeling of feeling alone. This is why I believe in mentoring kids.  I retired in 2013, and my kids are grown. I decided I wanted to mentor…”

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Achieving Better Alternatives to Incarceration with Nassau TASC

During the past five years, EAC Network’s alternatives to incarceration program, Nassau TASC (Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities), has helped more than 1,200 individuals involved in the justice system who have a substance use disorder. Through services like outpatient treatment, monitoring, and self-help groups, local residents, such as recent graduate…

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