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How EAC Network’s Innovative Programs and Services Improve Quality of Life

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EAC Network started as an Education and Assistance corporation in 1969. Its current mission is to empower, assist, and care for vulnerable people through the 100+ innovative programs and services it offers. Its goal is to help and protect senior citizens, at-risk children, and those with mental health or substance abuse issues. It also helps those who seek financial independence, are underemployed, require mediation, and are in crisis.

EAC Network’s Innovative Programs and Services

EAC Network offers a variety of innovative programs and services that aim to improve the quality of life for those who need it most.

The five types of programs and services offered:

  • Children & youth services
  • Family & community services
  • Behavioral health & criminal justice services
  • Senior & nutrition services
  • Vocational services

Children & Youth Services

group of diverse children in a huddle smilingGang violence and sexual exploitation are increasing in the United States. Gangs have turned to human trafficking because it poses less risk than weapons or drugs. This leaves children and youth vulnerable to being sexually exploited and used as currency. Some children have more risk factors than others.

Safe Harbor Mentoring Program

Safe Harbor Mentoring is one of EAC Network’s innovative programs and services for children and youth. It provides mentors to victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation, as well as at-risk youth. Their mentors support them by helping to reduce their risk factors and realize their strengths.

Family & Community Services

happy family laughing and having fun outdoorsChildren with abusive or neglectful parents often develop mental health issues, social issues, low self-esteem, poor impulse control, and are prone to aggression and violence. Our Family and Community programs help our neighbors resolve family and business conflicts, and navigate through obstacles that hinder self-sufficiency.

Long Island Parenting Institute Program

The Long Island Parenting Institute (LIPI) helps families and the community by providing parent education. The goal is to empower new parents to raise their children in a safe and supportive environment while helping to strengthen the family bond

Behavioral Health & Criminal Justice Services

teen therapy sessionOur Behavioral Health programs work hand in hand with the criminal justice system to help individuals suffering from mental health and/or substance abuse issues obtain treatment. We also offer programs for anger management, community service, and more.

Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor Program

The Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM) is one of the behavioral health and criminal justice programs EAC Network offers. It continuously monitors the wearer’s alcohol consumption by detecting it in their perspiration. It uses a sample from the air just above the skin every 30 minutes. The SCRAM is placed on those with an open DWI case and a court mandate to complete a monitoring period, and 98% of participants complete the program with no violations.

Senior & Nutrition Services

food delivery to senior womanIt is an unfortunate truth that a large portion of seniors spends a great deal of their time in isolation. Sometimes, they’re unable to socialize, exercise, or eat nutritious food. This speeds up the aging process and reduces their quality of life.

Seniors Community Centers

The Seniors Community Service Centers provide seniors with opportunities to continue living their lives. It offers seniors a lively place to interact, learn new things, eat meals together, play games, and celebrate holidays and special events.

The activities offered include:

  • Zumba
  • Bingo
  • Crafts
  • Karaoke
  • Music appreciation
  • Shopping trips
  • Pet therapy
  • Discussion groups
  • Barbecues
  • Movie screenings

Vocational Services

young african american woman using laptopThere is a stigma attached to being in the criminal justice system. When someone has a criminal record or pending charge, it may be difficult to find employment, which increases the likelihood that they’ll end up back in the system. Our vocational services offer these individuals an opportunity to renter society and establish a healthy sense of self-worth.

Enhanced Employment Initiative Program

The Enhanced Employment Initiative (EEI) program advances opportunities for education and employment for people who have been in the criminal justice system by providing individual career counseling, referrals to education and job training programs, job placement, help with payment issues, and more.

How You Can Help

These programs can only exist with help from generous people. Consider donating to our $20.22 campaign to allow us to continue our work and fulfill our mission. All size donations will help to make a big difference!


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