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The Mutually Beneficial Relationship of Corporate Charity Partnerships

Corporate charity partnerships have emerged as powerful avenues for positive change in society. By joining forces with charitable organizations, companies can significantly impact the well-being of communities and the environment. These partnerships promote social responsibility and benefit businesses and the organizations they support. Along with the financial contributions, the employees…

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Microvolunteering: Giving Back at a Manageable Pace

April is National Volunteer Month, where we recognize all individuals who give their time and energy to their communities. From cleaning up public spaces to delivering food to the sick and elderly, volunteering impacts our daily lives in hundreds of ways. Their efforts are commendable and selfless and will always…

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How to Celebrate National Volunteer Month

April not only marks the beginning of spring, but it’s also National Volunteer Month. EAC Network will be taking the next 30 days to recognize the importance of volunteering and also thanking those volunteers who dedicate their time and effort towards worthy causes on Long Island. If you want to…

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Considering Local Volunteer Opportunities? New York Times Recommends CASA

In the season of giving, one of the best gifts you can give is your time. Not only will it help those in need, but your altruism will also make your own holidays brighter. If you are interested in local volunteer opportunities, consider EAC Network’s Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). The New York Times’ opinion columnist Nicholas Kristof recently recommended volunteering with CASA in his annual “Holiday Gift Guide.”

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