Behavioral Health

From the National TASC Newsletter: an Overview of EAC Network’s NYC TASC Mental Health Programs

EAC Network has provided TASC services in New York since 1978, and in 1998 we expanded our alternative to incarceration (ATI) programming to include a diversion program for seriously mentally ill offenders and co-occurring mentally ill and substance using offenders. Our NYC TASC Mental Health Diversion programs employ Clinically Informed Judicial Supervision (CIJS), which considers a person’s assessed risk of re-offending and violence, as well as mental health and substance use or social service needs, to inform judges’ responses…

The Perfect Gift this Holiday Season

Every holiday season, I receive more gifts than I know what to do with. While I am grateful for the generosity of my friends and family, I often end up like the lady to my right – overwhelmed by the amount of new items and wondering where I’m going to put all of them. I don’t want to hide them away to be forgotten about until the next time I clean out my closet (which is rare). Instead of presents, I’ve asked my friends and family to make donations to the at-risk populations that EAC Network serves.

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