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How Substance Abuse Treatment Benefits the Whole Community

A substance abuse treatment group meeting

Did you know that the health and social costs associated with substance abuse far exceed the cost of addiction treatment? In fact, every dollar invested in substance abuse treatment programs, saves the community as much as $7, which makes your donations to EAC Network that much more valuable. From public safety to health care to the workplace, recovery programs are making a significant impact on society every day.

How Encouraging Recovery Improves Everyone’s Quality of Life

Substance abuse treatment benefits us all just by helping those in need. Programs like EAC Network’s Alcohol Education Program (AEP) or Nassau TASC work towards breaking the cycle of addiction, a disease that tends to have devastating effects on individuals’ lives and the community at large.

1)      Public Safety

Far too often, substance abuse and crime go hand-in-hand.

In fact, 65 percent of inmates in America meet some of the medical criteria for addiction, according to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse. This troubling correlation highlights the growing importance of substance abuse programs to public safety.

By assisting local men and women with drug and alcohol recovery, treatment programs have a profound effect on our community. Through encouragement, education, and empowerment, they are making our streets safer one individual at a time.

A glass broken by someone in a substance abuse treatment program

2)      Health Care

Substance abuse treatment is good for the health care system, too. These programs are much less costly than other alternatives, such as incarceration. In fact, every dollar spent on treatment saves as much as $4 in health care costs.

Currently, substance abuse accounts for more than $120 billion per year in American health care costs, which exceeds the direct and indirect costs attributable to diabetes, obesity, and even smoking.

3)      Workplace Productivity

Drug and alcohol addiction also has an effect on our community’s workforce. It’s estimated that $74 billion is lost every year in reduced work productivity due to alcohol consumption.

Employers then must deal with problems like:

  • Absenteeism
  • Tardiness
  • Loss of efficiency
  • Poor decision making
  • Low morale

However, the U.S. Department of Labor found that substance abuse treatment programs can help to stop this troubling trend. In Ohio, treatment programs improved job-related performance by decreasing absenteeism by 91 percent and on-the-job injuries by 97 percent.

A substance abuse treatment group

EAC Network’s Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

As part of our mission to promote healthy families and communities, as well as work with those who have behavioral health issues, EAC Network works with people in need to break the cycle of addiction. Our programs and services, like New Path Treatment Center and Suffolk County Drug Court Expansion Project, address the core problems of our society, while helping local residents take control of their lives.

To learn more or to support our mission, please contact us today.

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