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EAC Network’s Substance Abuse Programs Save Lives Daily

substance abuse programs

Nearly two million New Yorkers age 12 and older have substance abuse or addiction issues annually. It is a widespread problem that can disrupt the lives of many. As part of our mission to promote healthy families and communities, as well as work with those who have behavioral health issues, EAC Network’s substance abuse programs work with people in need to break the cycle of addiction.

5 Substance Abuse Programs that Make a Difference Locally

Alcohol Education Program

EAC Network’s Alcohol Education Program (AEP) works with individuals who have put others at risk while driving intoxicated. The program’s solution is to provide education and an opportunity for offenders to change their negative behaviors.

The five-week AEP course aims to alter the perception of driving while intoxicated. Through a series of interactive activities, participants learn about the use and abuse of alcohol. If it is determined that someone needs treatment for alcohol dependence, they are referred to a New York State-licensed treatment program or other supportive community services.

substance abuse programs

Treatment Alternatives for Safer Communities (TASC)

Treatment Alternatives for Safer Communities (TASC) provides alternative to incarceration opportunities to individuals who are dealing with alcohol and substance abuse disorders.

TASC helps offenders to acknowledge abuse problems, undergo treatment and counseling, and comply with the terms and conditions of their release.

TASC substance abuse programs are available in many locations throughout New York, including:

New Path Treatment Center

New Path Treatment Center is an outpatient clinic for local men and women to begin their recovery process. The facility provides full-service treatment programs for individuals with substance abuse disorders.

Its treatment programs address not only chemical dependence, but also the factors that contribute to it, such as mental health disorders, psychical health issues, family systems, socialization, legal issues, and employment.

substance abuse programs

Suffolk County Drug Court Expansion Project

The Suffolk County Drug Court Expansion Project works to combat a devastating rise in heroin and oxycodone overdoses locally. It provides additional services to local offenders with co-occurring disorders to help break the cycle of abuse, addiction, and crime.

This alternative to incarceration program has been effective at bridging a gap in Suffolk County social services for residents who have dual diagnoses. The Suffolk County Drug Court Expansion Project uses a team approach to accessing program participants, determining the level of care necessary, placing them in appropriate treatment, and monitoring them through the process.

EAC Network is a diverse social service agency that empowers, assists, and cares for over 82,000 individuals across Long Island and New York City. Our programs and services address the core problems of our society to help local residents take control of their lives.

Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM)

EAC Network’s Secure Continuous Remote Monitor (SCRAM) program provides continuous alcohol monitoring for individuals with a serious history of alcohol misuse, typically following a DWI case.

It is an alternative to incarceration program for individuals on Staten Island who are court-mandated to complete a minimum of 30 days of alcohol monitoring. Participants can also be provided with case management and treatment referrals instead of jail time.

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