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EAC Network at 50: We are Behavioral Health & Criminal Justice

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More than fifty years after our founding, EAC Network continues to provide innovative programs and services that aim to improve the quality of life of individuals in need. Our Behavioral Health & Criminal Justice programs, like Treatment Alternatives for Safer Communities (TASC) and Transitional Case Management (TCM), are prime examples of how EAC Network is helping people to transition from repair to hope through real-life solutions.

Helping Individuals Recover

EAC Network’s Behavioral Health & Criminal Justice programs and services work in tandem with the criminal justice system to help individuals suffering from mental health and/or substance abuse issues obtain treatment. We offer social programs for anger management, community service, educational intervention for domestic violence offenders, and more.

The Impact of our Social Programs

As a result, the impact of the EAC Network’s programs and services are demonstrated by:

  • The reduction of crime and recidivism
  • Enhanced public safety
  • Strengthened families
  • Promotion of health and healing
  • Enabling clients to be productive members of the workforce and the community

Our social programs help people recover.

TASC (Treatment Alternatives for Safer Communities)

TASC is an alternative to incarceration program that promotes public safety by:

  • Integrating the criminal justice and substance abuse treatment systems
  • Diverting individuals from jail or prison
  • Providing a variety of services that support individuals through their journey of recovery
  • Ensuring offender accountability

EAC Network oversees TASC programs in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Nassau, Queens, Rockland, Staten Island, and Suffolk counties (plus Suffolk TASC Re-Entry).

Nassau TASC Success Story

Ms. L was a repeat offender who was referred to Nassau TASC because of a Felony Aggravated DWI. After being screened and assessed, she was determined eligible for the TASC program and was a participant for 19 months and successfully completed the program.

“I was always supported by the staff through all of my challenges,” Ms. L says. “The two things I learned from TASC is that I must come first, and nothing is worth destroying my sobriety.”

Our social programs help local individuals.

TCM (Transitional Case Management)

The Suffolk Transitional Case Management (TCM) program equips incarcerated individuals with psychiatric illness with the tools and resources they need to successfully transition back into the community upon their release. TCM Case Managers ensure that participants receive appropriate community-based case management for an average of 90 days before being transferred to a long-term case management program.

Suffolk TCM Success Story

Miguel R. was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and had past drug use. He began working with EAC Network’s Transitional Case Management (TCM) program while in jail in preparation for his reentry into the community.

With TCM’s help, Miguel was able to secure housing in a sober home. He worked with the TCM staff to create his resume to apply for a job and is currently working full time while continuing to receive support from EAC Network’s Health Home Case Management program.

Support our Behavioral Health & Criminal Justice Programs

EAC Network is a diverse social services agency that empowers, assists and cares for people in need across Long Island and New York City. We reach individuals within our community through a wide range of innovative social programs and services, like Nassau TASC and Suffolk TCM, that aim to improve quality of life of local individuals.

To support EAC Network’s Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice programs, make a donation today.

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