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Minority Mental Health Awareness Month Highlights Need for Strong Communities

minority mental health awareness month

Every July, Minority Mental Health Awareness Month spotlights the unique mental health struggles underserved populations face. All year round, our Behavioral Health & Community Justice programs and services, including Mental Health Diversion and Brooklyn SAMSHA Behavioral Health Treatment Court Collaborative, offer evidence-based enhanced services to vulnerable New York City residents.

Vital Assistance to New York City’s Underserved Communities

The mission of Minority Mental Health Awareness aims to spread the message that prevention works, treatment is effective, and that people do recover. The month of July, especially this year during the pandemic, offers an opportunity to consider how the behavioral health system can more effectively connect with diverse individuals.

At EAC Network, we understand the mental health struggles of racial and ethnic minorities in New York City communities. Before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been on the frontlines in providing access to vital services within underserved communities throughout the five boroughs.

How EAC Network Strengthens Minority Communities

Studies show that individuals in minority groups more frequently experience mental health conditions, like anxiety and depression. EAC Network’s community-based programs and direct support services provide a vital link to assistance that fills this urgent, unmet need.

Mental Health Diversion

Mental Health Diversion is an alternative-to-incarceration court monitoring service, which is specifically for defendants who have serious mental health issues and are involved in the criminal justice system.

July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

The Problem

Mental Health Diversion addresses a problem commonly found in minority communities. Individuals with mental illness are overrepresented in the justice system and are more susceptible to being re-arrested. Since jails and prisons often do not provide sufficient mental health and substance abuse treatment, this cycle perpetuates.

Our Solution

To divert eligible offenders from the criminal justice system and provide them with case management services and treatment options that support their recovery and reduce recidivism.

Brooklyn SAMHSA Behavioral Health Treatment Court Collaborative

Brooklyn SAMHSA Behavioral Health Treatment Court Collaborative improves Treatment Court outcomes by using enhanced, evidence-based services to reduce the risk of relapse and recidivism.

EAC Network supports Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

The Problem

Criminal activity related to the recurring cycle of addiction is harmful to both the offenders and society.

Our Solution

To provide enhanced services designed to anticipate and target the types of behaviors that are highly correlated with substance abuse relapse and recidivism.

Support Us During Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

For more than 50 years, EAC Network has been providing solution-based programs and direct support services to underserved communities throughout New York City and Long Island. This July, during Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, consider supporting our mission to Empower, Assist, and Care for your neighbors in need.

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