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Addressing NYC’s Opioid Epidemic Together: Community Solutions

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The opioid crisis has touched the lives of countless individuals and families. The opioid crisis is killing one New Yorker every three hours. However, New York communities refuse to sit idly by and watch as friends, neighbors, and loved ones fall victim to this epidemic. Instead, NYC focuses on prevention, harm reduction, education, and access to treatment services that combat the crisis head-on and support those struggling. Some strategies include:

  • Harm reduction initiatives such as Naloxone Distribution, Medication-Assisted Treatment, and others
  • Expanding recovery facilities
  • Launching public awareness campaigns
  • Increased funding for public advocacy
  • Pushing to reform law enforcement policies for treatment and diversion programs

Each New Yorker’s Dedicated Actions Inspire Extraordinary Change

One of the key strengths to NYC’s opioid crisis community response is the power of collective action. When individuals, community leaders, and organizations like EAC Network join forces, they accomplish far more than anyone can achieve alone. By pooling resources, expertise, and energy, communities can address the root causes through targeted support and resources.

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EAC Network’s Programs Support Community Solutions

Through EAC’s  “Your Streets. Our Streets.” initiative and cooperation with community leaders and organizations, we play a crucial role in the fight against the opioid crisis. The time, expertise, and resources invested, support lives affected by addiction.

Our impact is made greater through the remarkable efforts of the volunteers that assist with organizing community events to increase awareness, the distribution of free naloxone kits and fentanyl testing strips, circulating educational materials, and enhancing fundraising efforts. New Yorkers are known for great accomplishments when working together toward a common goal.

EAC Network’s NYC community-based programs that address addiction and the opioid epidemic include:

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How Can You Be Part of the Solution?

A key component to fighting back against the opioid crisis is developing collaborative community solutions that involve the cooperation of residents. The following suggestions can help New Yorkers drive change within the communities we call home:

  • Education – Organize community events and fundraisers to raise awareness and provide educational information and materials for addiction prevention and treatment.
  • Dispose – Help organize efforts to safely collect and discard unused or expired prescription medications to prevent misuse.
  • Advocate – Get behind legislation and policies that increase access to addiction treatment and prevention programs.
  • Volunteer – Give your time to local addiction treatment centers or organizations needing support.
  • Support – Offer emotional and practical support by providing transportation or help accessing addiction treatment services.
  • Encourage – Have open discussions with friends, family, and members of the community to help reduce the stigma surrounding addiction and emphasize the importance of asking for help.

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Working Toward Healthier and Safer Communities for All

A shared commitment to caring for one another, especially those struggling with addiction, demonstrates compassion, empathy, and understanding., Communities can break down the stigma and shame that often surround this issue by focusing on treatment and providing a path toward recovery. Empowering NYC neighborhoods to fight addiction, together, will make us stronger, today and allow us to effectively face the challenges of tomorrow.

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