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Resilient Neighborhoods: Stronger and Safer Together

group of young adults standing in a group smiling and with their hands together in the hair in celebration or unity

A community’s “bend, don’t break” mentality is the foundation for resilient neighborhoods. The world around us will always be in a state of flux, but we must remember that when we band together, we can overcome any public safety issue. While law enforcement plays a crucial role in maintaining order and security, real change depends significantly on communities uniting to tackle the root causes of unsafe streets.

Take on the Toughest Issues First

Resilient neighborhoods result from individuals addressing the real and challenging issues plaguing their community. One of these challenges revolves around substance abuse and the many ways in which it negatively impacts everyone. Drugs and Alcohol abuse are significant contributors to crime and violence in many communities.

  • Over 50% of federal inmates serving time for violent crimes were under the influence of drugs at the time.
  • Over 14% of all property crimes committed in the United States are drug-related.

young adults standing in a city street focused on working together to improve their community

EAC Network Contributing to Create Resilient Neighborhoods

Through collaborative efforts with volunteers, staff, community leaders, and local and state authorities, EAC Network is raising awareness about the dangers of substance abuse. We are also providing much-needed support to those struggling with addiction. With our “Your Streets. Our Streets” initiative, EAC Network’s substance abuse and treatment projects focus on assisting these needy individuals. We are also committed to empowering the members of the community to help break the cycle of abuse.

Empowerment Has a Broad Impact

There will always be things that test a neighborhood’s resilience. However, empowering individuals within our communities to better themselves will always provide a spark to persevere. Once individuals start on a path toward recovery, it also has a positive trickle-down effect on the community. Businesses can fill employment vacancies, stimulating the local economy and reducing crime rates by providing more opportunities for people to work.

Pride in Your Community Makes Getting Involved Easy

Volunteering is another powerful way communities can come together to address public safety concerns. You create a sense of unity and purpose when individuals collectively give their time and efforts to strengthen their community. Whether through community clean-up initiatives, mentorship programs for at-risk youth, or neighborhood watch groups, every act of volunteerism contributes to a safer and more cohesive community. The presence of community pride can shape people’s behavior and act as a deterrent against crime and antisocial activities.

Community Commitment is The Foundation of EAC Network’s Services

The best way to help ensure a neighborhood’s resilience is by supporting one another and leveraging our collective strength, we can create safer, more vibrant neighborhoods for everyone.

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