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How Our Vocational Programs Are Building a Brighter Future

A stable job is a pivotal part of achieving the “American Dream.” But at-risk individuals often face obstacles entering the work force. Sometimes, all they really need is a little extra help. EAC Network’s various vocational programs help local men and women to build a brighter future.

EAC offering Vocational Services
Mission Employment Successes

The narratives below highlight two young female participants, Cristina V. and Jennifer Q., who are enrolled in EAC Network’s Mission Employment program, which assists at-risk youth 18-24 towards a career path. Through determination and guidance, they both have improved the quality of their lives well as the lives of their…

On a Mission

Shanae had difficulty finding a job after completing two years at Nassau Community College and being a single parent to a two-year-old girl. She and her daughter live with her parents, who have helped support them. While Shanae is grateful for their help, she wanted to give her child a stable and comfortable future.