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Community Nutrition Programs at EAC Network

volunteer giving elderly man a bag of food

March is National Nutrition Month, and what better time than now to talk about community nutrition programs? Eating a healthy diet filled with nutritious foods is the foundation of wellbeing. A wholesome diet can boost your mood, energy levels, and can even reduce the risk of chronic health conditions.

EAC Network is proud to offer a host of nutrition programs that serve communities throughout Long Island and New York City. Providing residents with wholesome food, along with educational programs, improves overall health while also improving quality of life.

Meals on Wheels

Our Meals on Wheels program fights hunger by providing healthy, wholesome meals along with supportive services to seniors throughout Nassau County. By delivering food to vulnerable seniors, the program helps them to maintain independence in their own homes.

volunteer delivering food to elderly womanIn Nassau County alone, there are more than 300,000 residents over the age of 60. Food is a basic human need, but sometimes, seniors are left choosing between paying for their medical needs or their next meal.

Meals on Wheels serves daily nutritional meals to at-risk seniors. The program also offers nutrition education and connections to social services programs. Not only do we provide healthy meals, but the program offers the often-overlooked benefits of companionship and socialization. This is a valuable contact for seniors who live alone.

Fresh from the Garden

There’s nothing better than fresh produce. Fruits and vegetables are staples in a healthy, nutritious diet. Our Fresh from the Garden program is a three-step program that helps seniors move towards a healthier lifestyle. The program includes:

  • Nutrition education
  • Hands-on cooking demonstrations
  • Produce distribution

woman holding fresh vegetables from gardenSeniors who live in areas with few or no grocery stores are at extremely high risk for malnutrition. They’re also more likely to suffer from poor health conditions and preventable chronic diseases.

The Fresh from the Garden program provides fresh produce, nutrition education, and cooking demos to boost the health of at-risk seniors.

Nutrition Education & Food Services

While there have been notable medical advances for those living with HIV/AIDs, the epidemic continues to strongly impact communities on Long Island, especially for minorities and low-income communities.

volunteer at food pantryNutrition Education & Food Services seeks to improve the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS through nutrition education and access to healthy food. For individuals living at or below the poverty level, it’s hard, if not impossible, to purchase nutritious food that’s needed to maintain their health and wellbeing.

Nutrition Education & Food Services is the only food pantry in Nassau County that is specifically for the HIV/AIDS community, which also offers meal service that provides at-home food delivery.

Not only does the program provide nutritious food, but it also:

  • Educates people on how to achieve and maintain good health
  • Links participants to medical care offered by local hospitals
  • Educates people about reducing transmission of HIV/AIDS

Help EAC Network to Serve the Community

Food, like clothes and shelter, is a basic necessity. EAC Network’s community nutrition programs serve to help those who are at risk of food insecurity and malnutrition. During the month of March and beyond, we encourage people throughout Long Island and New York City to take advantage of these programs.

Everyone, no matter their age or socioeconomic status, deserves to eat healthy, wholesome meals each day. With our programs, we hope to make this a reality for everyone in the community!

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