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How EAC Network’s Community Service Program Makes a Difference

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EAC Network’s Community Service Program is a cost-effective sentencing alternative for people over 16 years old. The purpose of the program is to provide low-level, non-violent offenders with an opportunity positively impact their community versus incarceration.

Benefits of the Community Service Program

Through our Community Service Program, clients learn how their criminal behavior affects those around them, including family members and the community as a whole. At the same time, they’re able to see and experience first-hand how their current contributions better the community.

individual picking up trash at parkIndividuals are paired with opportunities based on their skill sets, interests, and future goals. The program offers various volunteer opportunities, including:

  • Graffiti clean-up
  • Park beautification
  • Support to governmental worksites
  • Assisting social service agencies

The program also provides structure and a sense of purpose. This helps to greatly minimize the chance of low-level offenders from committing high-level (violent) crimes. In turn, everyone benefits!

The best part is that the Community Service Program often leads to employment and future volunteer opportunities. A steady job and endless ways to contribute to the community play a crucial role in building self-worth and a positive future.

The Power of Positive Reinforcement

Countless individuals are sentenced to jail time for non-violent misdemeanor crimes. But for many, the jail experience rarely has the intended effect. Instead, jail has been shown to have a negative impact on a person’s physical, emotional, and mental health.

What’s even worse is that these effects don’t go away when one’s sentence is over. As a result, many carry the stress and burden of jail long after they’ve been released.

raising hands | community service programA majority of the formerly incarcerated have a hard time transitioning to everyday civilian life. Finding a job or a place to live are challenges due to the stigma of having been to jail, which often spurs adverse reactions from the community.

Alternative sentencing options, such as the Community Service Program, gives individuals a positive role in their community. It enables them to be an active, participating member of society versus being stuck in jail for months or years.

Who can Participate in the Program?

The program accepts misdemeanor offenders over the age of 16 who live in Long Island or New York City. However, the Community Service Program does not accept certain offenders, including:

  • Sex offenders
  • Those guilty of assault
  • Those with extreme physical or mental illness
  • Those with charges involving weapons possession
  • DWI offenders whose crime has resulted in injury or death

Each client is assigned a case manager. This person maintains routine contact to ensure that the client fulfills their obligation to perform community service hours. Completion reports or violation recommendations are routinely provided to the Office of the District Attorney.

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We’re always looking to expand our reach and to help as many people as possible. EAC Network is proud to be a diverse social service agency that empowers people in need across New York City and Long Island.

Our mission is to reach individuals within the community using innovative community service programs that are designed to improve quality of life.

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