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Our Social Support Services Alter Outcomes with Coordinated Assistance

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For those coping with the immediate consequences of substance abuse, mental illness, or incarceration, the American health care system can be confusing and even intimidating. They face the challenge of managing disjointed services on their own. Without social support services, many individuals bounce around the medical system, resulting in a higher rate of adverse outcomes and increased community health care expenses.

EAC Network’s Health Home Care Coordination

EAC Network’s Health Home Care Coordination program assists at-risk individuals living with complex medical and behavioral issues in navigating the medical system. It is a group of health and community agencies that collaborate and coordinate to help Medicaid enrollees with severe and chronic health conditions receive additional social support services that enable them to live healthier, safer lives.

Our team works with vulnerable individuals on a one-on-one basis to:

  • Discuss current medical concerns
  • Create treatment plans
  • Schedule appointments
  • Communicate between doctors and other providers
  • Answer questions
  • Apply for government benefits, such as disability benefits, SNAP, and housing assistance
  • Resolve insurance problems
  • Develop self-management skills

Health Home Care Coordination serves at-risk individuals throughout New York City and Long Island. This social support services program is available to anyone who is eligible for Medicaid and has two chronic health conditions.

We offer many social support services to the community

What Our Social Support Services Do for Your Community

1)      Improve Support Service Delivery

Health Home Care Coordination promotes cooperation and communication between providers and specialists, reducing the fragmentation of services, which is common today.

For example, our coordinators can help at-risk individuals determine where they should next seek care and empower them with the information and resources they need. With in-depth insight into a patient’s social determinants of health, our team addresses potential barriers that can affect their treatment.

2)      Enabling Easier Transitions

Vulnerable individuals living with complex medical and behavioral issues often have to cope with transitions from one form of care to another, including:

  • Providers
  • Personnel
  • Facilities

By bridging gaps in the system and remaining proactive, Home Health Care Coordination promotes smoother transitions that enhance the care journey.

3)      Ensure Better Long-Term Health

Health Home Care Coordination’s personalized services help at-risk members of our community receive optimal levels of care.

  • Identifies health needs
  • Keeps participants informed
  • Recommends necessary health screenings
  • Closes services gaps
  • Advocates for participants’ needs
  • Improves access to services

After working with our care coordinators, participants become better able to manage ongoing health issues, including regularly seeing a primary care doctor, having preventative screening tests, and taking prescribed medicine. As a result of these social support services, communities experience fewer unnecessary visits to their emergency rooms and hospitals.

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Help Us Continue Making a Difference in Your Community

EAC Network supports Health Home Care Coordination and more than 100 other programs and direct support services that are creating positive change across New York City and Long Island. We empower, assist, and care for children and youth, families, and seniors living in your community by providing inclusive access to essential social support services.

To help us continue making a difference in your community, donate to EAC Network today.

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