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We Are the Media

Media plays a large role in the lives of youth, who are a heavily targeted demographic for advertisers. We want our young adults to be aware of the media’s influence in their lives as well as the power they have to create their own media. To protect our youth and encourage media literacy education, we started a three-week media literacy seminar series called Connect Smart.

Stony Brook University Student Nurses Association donates duffle bags to EAC Network
Love Comes to the Rescue . . .

Children in the foster care system travel between guardians with little to no possessions and often carry their bare necessities in plastic trash bags. We unfortunately see the heartbreaking circumstances of these children in our Chance to Advance and Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) programs, which reduce risk factors for youth in foster care by providing mentors and educational activities. Every child deserves love and dignity. Luckily, they have real life heroes who are coming to their aid.

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