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The Long Island Parenting Institute Strengthens Family Bonds

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Parenting is difficult in the best of circumstances and for those parents who have been cited by the court for child neglect and maltreatment, they are certainly in the worst of circumstances. According to the National Children’s Alliance, 367,797 child cases of abuse were reported nationally in 2018, including over 23,000 cases in the state of New York alone. Of those children maltreated, 77 percent were maltreated by a parent or caregiver. Troubling statistics like these highlight the increasing importance of social programs, like the Long Island Parenting Institute, which provide vital support to some of the most vulnerable children.

What is the Long Island Parenting Institute?

EAC Network’s Long Island Parenting Institute works to increase the early childhood welfare of children by educating and supporting parents to learn and practice effective parenting skills. We provide parents with evidenced-based parenting education and support.  Through our services, parenting skills can be strengthened and family relationships flourish.

The goal of the Long Island Parenting Institute is to approach each adult, child or family unit as a unique case, providing them with the resources they would need to begin anew. We offer weekly, one-day workshops covering topics of interest to all parents, including:

  • Communication
  • Cooperative Parenting
  • Positive Discipline
  • Self-Esteem

Why It Matters To Local Families

Early childhood experiences and parental interactions shape the lives of developing children. When there is increased parental stress, children are also put at higher risk as parents become more likely to use harsh parenting styles and strategies.

According to the most recent Zero to Three National Parent Survey Report (2016), 73 percent of parents say that parenting is their biggest challenge and 69 percent of parents say that if they knew more positive parenting strategies, they would use them.

Without the knowledge and practice of effective and safe discipline strategies, children are at a higher risk for abuse and neglect.

Research has shown that parenting education programs have a positive impact on enhancing family relationships, making parenting education a worthwhile investment of time for all parents. Promoting informed, caring, consistent and positive parenting is central to creating safe and supportive environments for children.

The Long Island Parenting Institute helps strengthen families

How We Help

The parent education provided from our family and community services programs is essential to decreasing negative child outcomes and strengthening families. To maximize program effectiveness, we use evidence-based curricula and tools, such as Common Sense Parenting and Bright Beginnings, to provide a strong educational foundation for parents and to encourage them to redefine and strengthen their relationships with their children.

Our training strategies promote positive family interaction, giving parents the opportunity to:

  • Practice skills in class
  • Teach emotional communication skills
  • Raise awareness of children’s development
  • Facilitate healthy bonding

Parenting Programs Available on Long Island

The Long Island Parenting Institute uses research proven curricula and approaches to Empower, Assist and Care for families of all backgrounds and cultures. We hold a wide-range of multi-session classes and one-day workshops that teach parenting techniques to mothers and fathers from all walks of life, including some who are court-mandated.

Bright Beginnings

This interactive class explores techniques to help parents support their children’s development through play, bonding, and attachment skills. Through activities like singing and reading, parents will gain a stronger bond with their children as they learn to recognize and respond to their children’s emotional needs.

Common Sense Parenting

The Long Island Parenting Institute also help mothers and fathers explore how to parent with a warm heart and a cool head.  Common Sense Parenting teaches positive discipline skills that will help increase a child’s positive behavior and decrease their negative behavior.

Positive Parenting Workshop

This “crash-course” in positive discipline skills explores child development, setting reasonable expectations, effective consequences, communication, self-control, and more.

The Long Island Parenting Institute helps kids have better lives.

How You Can Help Long Island Parents

The Long Island Parenting Institute is one of over 100 EAC Network programs throughout Long Island, New York City and Rockland County. The at-risk families we help are among those who have been affected the most by the coronavirus pandemic, which makes your support more vital today than it has ever been before.

Support EAC Network’s mission to Empower, Assist and Care for children, families and seniors by making a donation to the COVID-19 RESPONSE FUND today.

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