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Our Child Supervised Visitation Program Reunites At-Risk Families

child supervised visitation

EAC Network’s Nassau Supervised Visitation (NSV) program is uniquely capable of making an immediate and lasting impact on the lives of Nassau County families. Long after the formal conclusion of our child supervised visitation program, many participants continue to reach out to NSV and some even give back to the program that once supported them.

Strengthening Family Bonds, One Child at a Time

For the staff of Nassau Visitation, the impact of the program is apparent on a daily basis. It ranges from seeing a child running and jumping up and down saying “Mommy” to a call from a former visiting parent who is now advanced to unsupervised visits. In fact, many former participants continue to send postcards and photos during the holidays.

These former participants often share stories of how Nassau Supervised Visitation was the bridge that helped reunite them with their parents or children. By providing a safe, neutral environment, our child supervised visitation program has helped scores of vulnerable Nassau County families build new and better relationships. Since the pandemic and shutdown, NSV continued to support parent child visits and reunification via virtual supervised visits.

Nassau Supervised Visitation Provides a Safe, Child-Friendly Atmosphere

Because the absence of positive family relationships can hinder children’s emotional growth and development, Nassau Supervised Visitation provides an opportunity for parents and children to interact with one another safely. It allows families, who have been referred to the program through court orders, to have neutral, conflict-free supervised visits in a child-friendly setting.

Child supervised visitation is a nonjudgmental environment where the primary goal is a safe, parent-child reunification. Traditionally, the visits occurred at EAC Network’s child-friendly facility in Hempstead. The visitation rooms were designed specifically in areas that provided a safe and vibrant atmosphere for children.

Supervised visits are usually one hour, once per week. They are supervised by trained professionals with expertise in child welfare matters and identifying abuse. Our on-site security staff were always present to ensure a safe setting for everyone involved. Program fees are set on a sliding scale based upon income.

A child supervised visitation meeting

Our Additional Child Supervised Visitation Services

Nassau Supervised Visitation also provides additional services that can help families who could benefit from extra support.

Coached Family Visitation

EAC Network child supervised visitation provides coached visits to help mothers and fathers enhance their parenting skills. We can build on a parent’s strengths; help them better respond to and meet the needs of their children; and provide instruction on positive parenting skills.

Supervised Safe Exchanges

With court approval, Supervised Safe Exchanges provide the supervised transfer of children from one parent to the other before and after an unsupervised visit.

Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

Therapeutic supervised visits help improve parenting skills and strengthen family bonds and relationships between noncustodial parents and children. These supervised visitation meetings concentrate on addressing the emotional, physical, and developmental needs of a child.

A family in a child supervised visitation meeting

Help Nassau Children Have a Brighter Tomorrow

EAC Network’s Nassau Supervised Visitation is one example of the more than 100 of our programs and services that provide vital direct support services to vulnerable children, adults and seniors in the New York area. Since the coronavirus outbreak began, the demand for our help has risen dramatically. If you would like to assist us in making a difference in your community, consider making a contribution to Donate for Good.

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