Nassau Supervised Visitation

supervised visitation programs
EAC Network’s Supervised Visitation Programs Rebuild Family Bonds

For non-custodial parents in Nassau and Suffolk counties, EAC Network’s Supervised Visitation programs provide an opportunity for families to maintain and develop strong, relationships in a safe, neutral setting. With three programs on Long Island, including Enhanced Supervised Visitation, EAC Network is breaking down barriers that can separate parents and…

Play house at NSV
Supervised Visitation Gets New Toys

THE FAY J. LINDNER FOUNDATION’S GENEROUS GRANT ENSURES ENGAGING ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGES This year, the Fay J. Lindner Foundation granted $33,600 to our Supervised Visitation programs. One of the challenges our Visit Specialists face is keeping the children who visit with their non-custodial parents every week engaged in…

Reuniting Families for a Living

After 4 years as the Program Director of Nassau Supervised Visitation (NSV), I am as enthusiastic about the program as I was on day one. I’m still thrilled by the smiles and running of children into the visiting room as they greet their parents. The loud noises and the kids’ delight when they see the array of toys all over the visiting room floor makes me think we are doing something right.