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EAC Network: A Social Services Organization Helping Neighbors in Need

social services organization

For a half a century now, EAC Network has been Empowering, Assisting and Caring for New Yorkers in need. Our social service organization is a go-to resource for children, families and the elderly. From Meals on Wheels to Alternatives for Youth to The Children’s Center at Cohalan Court, our programs and services make a positive impact in the lives of more than 80,000 local individuals every year.

A Social Services Organization Focused on Quality of Life

EAC Network firmly believes that everyone has the right to the social services they need to enjoy healthy, happy, fulfilled lives. Our innovative social initiatives respond to the human needs of those in our community on a daily basis. We take great pride in all the programs and services we provide to protect, promote and empower local individuals across Long Island and New York City.

The 5 Pillars of EAC Network’s Commitment to the Community

Our social services organization’s programs and services are split into five separate, but related, parts. From the cradle to the grave, EAC Network provides local individuals with the help and resources they need to live their best lives.

Children & Youth

Our Children & Youth services work closely with local young people who have been abused, neglected, involved in the foster care system, or have been the victims of human trafficking. We provide numerous social programs to directly address their unique concerns, including Supervised Visitation, Court Appointed Special Advocates, and Child Advocacy Services.

A group of young people outside the Child Advocacy Center.

Family & Community

EAC Network is a family-focused social services organization, which aids parents and children of all ages. We provide a wide range of Family & Community programs and services to help at-risk individuals work through challenging situations, like paying bills, resolving family conflicts and becoming more self-sufficient.

Behavioral Health & Criminal Justice

Our Behavioral & Criminal Justice initiatives work in tandem with the criminal justice system to help those individuals who suffer from mental health and/or substance abuse issues. Our social programs and services, such as anger management, community service, and educational intervention, help to give many New Yorkers a second chance.

Seniors & the Incapacitated

EAC Network is a local leader in outreach services for Seniors & the Incapacitated. We are the largest provider of Meals on Wheels in Nassau County. Our social services organization also offers technology classes, acts as guardians for seniors, the mentally and/or physically incapacitated and other types of innovative programming that helps these individuals manage daily life on their own.

A group of senior citizens share a meal together.


Our objective is to reach those in need through all stages of their life’s journey, including their transition back into the working world. To achieve this goal, EAC Network offers Vocational Services — particularly to the homeless and other at-risk populations — that assist them in obtaining and retaining gainful employment.

Serving the Community for 50 Years

EAC Network, which is based in Hempstead, serves the communities of Nassau County, Suffolk County, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Rockland County. For 50 years, we have been providing innovative programs and services that improve the quality of life of local individuals in need.

Join us at our Golden Anniversary Gala on November 20, 2019 at The Fox Hollow in Woodbury to celebrate our very special milestone.

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