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LIPI Promotes the Pillars of Purposeful Parenting

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For many at-risk Suffolk County children, the Long Island Parenting Institute (LIPI) is the bridge that connects them to a brighter future. Through evidence-based curricula and tools, LIPI teaches, supports, and empowers vulnerable Long Island children who have been abused or neglected. During National Purposeful Parenting Month, we highlight the positive impact LIPI has in underserved communities on Long Island.

At LIPI, Every Month is National Purposeful Parenting Month

Every July, National Purposeful Parenting Month is recognized to raise awareness about the importance of mothers and fathers being active, responsive, and engaged in their children’s lives. LIPI’s classes and workshops aim to help at-risk Long Island families learn to parent more purposefully.

Teaching Mothers and Fathers Effective Parenting Skills

The Long Island Parenting Institute strengthens families and empowers mothers and fathers to become confident and effective parents. Located in Central Islip, LIPI teaches purposeful parenting principles and skills, including:

  • Communication
  • Cooperative parenting
  • Positive discipline
  • Self-esteem
  • Setting limits

LIPI offers a wide range of multi-session classes and one-day workshops for mothers and fathers that address parenting techniques for children of all ages. In addition, the training classes promote positive family interaction by giving parents the opportunity to practice parenting skills in class.

July is National Purposeful Parenting Month

How LIPI Builds Stronger Families

The Long Island Parenting Institute provides a safe, supportive environment where children and parents can learn life skills. Its classes and workshops help strengthen the family unit and lay the foundation for more young people to have happy, healthy, and successful lives. By promoting positive family interaction, LIPI encourages parents to redefine and strengthen relationships with their children.

Reducing Negative Outcomes

Parent education is essential to reducing the number of negative child outcomes and creating stronger families. Historically, abused or neglected children have a higher risk of:

  • Low self-esteem and/or self-control
  • Increased aggression and violence
  • Mental health and/or social issues
  • And are more likely to continue the cycle of abuse and neglect

A Solution-Based Model

LIPI, one of our many Children & Youth Services programs, offers a solution to these pervasive issues by teaching essential skills. Its classes and workshops promote more purposeful parenting by:

  • Teaching best practices for parenting
  • Promoting protective factors that include increasing parent resilience
  • Educating parents about child development
  • Creating a better understanding of the social/emotional competence of children
  • Building stronger social connections

At LIPI, National Purposeful Parenting Month is every month

Help At-Risk Long Island Children Thrive

Like many of EAC Network’s programs and direct support services, the Long Island Parenting Institute Empowers, Assists, and Cares for the next generation of Long Islanders. By filling an unmet need in the community, LIPI has created a bridge to a better tomorrow for countless families.

To help LIPI make a difference in your community, make a contribution today.

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