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Why Investing in Your Community is a Mutually Beneficial Experience

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Investing in your community is a win-win for everyone involved. First, there is a tremendous feeling of pride and accomplishment when you can see how your efforts have positively impacted your community. Many times, volunteers provide services that might not occur without them. In addition, working and bonding with others on a project and seeing it through brings people closer together and helps to create unity within the community.

How Can You Pitch In?

Investing in your community can be done in various ways. Searching online is an excellent source for finding a project or charity needing volunteers. You can check with local nonprofits such as EAC Network, Facebook groups, or through your local community center or town websites. Here are some things you can search for to help get you pointed in the right direction:

  • Support local businesses.
  • Organize or participate in a community cleaning or beautification project.
  • Help a local animal shelter.
  • Become a corporate partner of a nonprofit organization.
  • Donate to a food bank or homeless shelter.
  • Volunteer your time to local nonprofits or community organizations.
  • Create a fundraiser for a specific need or cause.
  • Arrange or donate to a neighborhood watch group.

The Impact of Financially Investing in Your Community

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Donations are as necessary to improving a community as the volunteers donating their time and talents. Financial contributions from individuals help support a wide range of causes and needs, such as child care, Meals on Wheels, sponsoring youth sports, or supporting a local nonprofit. In addition, when local businesses or corporations donate, the community can improve on larger-scale issues or projects, such as improving infrastructure and public safety.

Become a Community Partner

Local businesses play a significant role in the sustainability of a community. They provide goods and services that assist in our everyday lives. One way a company can show its gratitude to the community while reinvesting in its business interests is to become a community partner. EAC Network’s Community Partners program is where we team up with a local business or association and look to positively impact the lives of our community members in different areas of crisis.

70% of consumers want to know that the brands and companies they give their business to are addressing social and environmental concerns in and around their communities. If you are a company looking for a cause marketing opportunity, EAC Network’s Community Partners program will provide you with a rewarding opportunity to do so. Furthermore, invest in your community and its members with donations that will go towards our program and services that help needs like at-risk children, strengthening families, and supporting individuals struggling with substance or mental health issues.

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Investing in your community benefits everyone and is something that EAC Network has been doing for the past 50 years. With your investments of both time and money, along with the continued efforts of the volunteers and staff at our organization, we will continue to make our communities safe and strong!

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