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How to Get Involved with a Nonprofit Organization to Make a Positive Impact

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Making a difference in your community takes little to no effort. From volunteering your time to spreading an organization’s message, there are multiple ways to get involved in local nonprofits, aside from just monetary donations. Reaching out to these organizations or joining their newsletter can offer a great deal of information on how to get involved. The EAC Network facilitates this by providing a curated list of over 100 programs you can participate in across Long Island and New York City.

Make a Positive Difference in the Lives of Those in Need

A good way to begin your philanthropic journey is to establish which causes speak to your heart the most. Does it involve children in the foster care system? The elderly community? Individuals suffering from mental health? Homelessness? EAC Network makes getting involved a lot easier by offering an array of programs in each category, allowing you to explore various routes of nonprofit involvement within your community.

How to Get Involved with a Nonprofit Organization like EAC Networkhands holding donation jarsMonetary Donations

You don’t have to donate hundreds of dollars to a charity to promote change. A single dollar can make a difference. Additionally, you can pledge automatic monthly donations that add up at the end of the year.

Donate Goods

Nonprofit organizations that help community members in need, like soup kitchens and homeless shelters, may greatly benefit from goods like canned food, new and used clothing, toys, and basic needs like toiletries.


If you have a little extra time in your schedule, giving back to your community through volunteering can be highly rewarding.

Host a Fundraiser Event

Bring your community together and host a fun fundraiser event to benefit philanthropic programs within your community. It can be as simple as a community yard sale or a children’s book drive.

Attend Nonprofit Events

EAC Network hosts various events to fundraise and bring awareness to specific causes. Show your support by attending these events as a guest, volunteer, or sponsor. Don’t forget to invite your friends and family!

Planned Giving Community Partners

If you are a business owner, EAC Network’s Community Partner program allows you to promote your business by teaming up to create a positive impact on those in need within your local community.

Other Ways to Get Involved

teen and adult with arm around shoulderMaking a difference doesn’t always have to come from donating your time or money. Other helpful ways of how to get involved with a nonprofit organization, such as EAC Network, include:

Become a Mentor

The Chance to Advance program partners youth in foster care with an adult mentor to assist as a role model that introduces them to constructive opportunities.

Deliver Meals

Our Meals on Wheels program relies on volunteer drivers to deliver meals and socialization to homebound seniors who may also be living alone.

Be A Companion

Through the In-Home Respite Services program, volunteers become the trusty companions of older adults for about 2-6 hours, depending on availability.

Supervise Kids

Suffolk County Children’s Center at Cohalan Court needs volunteers to help supervise kids while their parents attend court.

Want to Show Your Support?

Consider making a difference today by getting involved with a nonprofit organization like EAC Network!


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