in-home respite services

in home respite services
In-Home Respite Services: 35 Years of Compassionate Senior Companionship

Since 1986, In-Home Respite Services has been providing compassionate, reliable companionship to Nassau County seniors. Our trained and screened companions allow local families to take care of personal needs without worrying about the safety of their loved ones. In honor of National Senior Citizens Day on August 21, join us in celebrating the selfless work of our In-Home Respite Services companions.

Training Group II- Dec 2019
In-Home Respite Orients New Companions

Our In-Home Respite Services program was very fortunate to have had six caring and competent individuals attend our most recent New Companion Orientation, which allows them to join our team of wonderful companions who give family caregivers of the elderly much needed time off!

Mary Ann and Mary Lou -NHP Senior Appreciation Day (3)
In-Home Respite Services Represented at Senior Appreciation Day

Mary Ann Samson, Home Assessor and Trainer, and Mary Lou Ogren, Companion, recently represented EAC Network’s In-Home Respite Services at the Hillside Senior Appreciation Day. In-Home Respite Services provides in-home caregivers (companions) to Nassau County residents caring for an elderly relative in their home so the caregiver can take much-needed time off.

The Aging Brain- Use It or Lose It
The Aging Brain – Use It or Lose It

Join speakers Mary Ann Sampson, Registered Nurse, and Christine Weber, Program Coordinator of EAC Network’s In-Home Respite Services, as they discuss your body’s most important organ- your brain. Learn how to keep your brain healthy through nutrition, exercise, and simple, everyday activities as well as the diseases that affect the brain and strategies to help boost your memory as you grow older.