Behavioral Health & Criminal Justice

social support services
Our Social Support Services Alter Outcomes with Coordinated Assistance

For those coping with the immediate consequences of substance abuse, mental illness, or incarceration, the American health care system can be confusing and even intimidating. They face the challenge of managing disjointed services on their own. Without social support services, many individuals bounce around the medical system, resulting in a higher rate of adverse outcomes and increased community health care expenses.

National Impaired Driving Prevention Month
National Impaired Driving Prevention Month: Education Promotes Safety

Did you know that one person dies in a motor vehicle crash that involves an alcohol-impaired driver every 50 minutes? This is a troubling trend that could (and should) be prevented. EAC Network’s Alcohol Education Program (AEP) uses a solution-based strategy to save lives through education. During National Impaired Driving Prevention Month this December, we highlight the positive impact AEP has been making on the lives of at-risk individuals living within our communities.

domestic violence awareness
Domestic Violence Awareness: Join Us in Being an Ally

Did you know that last year 252,535 domestic violence-related calls were made to state and local hotlines in New York? These pleas for help tell the story of a growing social problem. EAC Network’s Abusive Partner Intervention Program (APIP) and our domestic abuse prevention initiatives were created to respond to and address this pressing social problem within our communities. Domestic Violence Awareness Month, recognized every October, focuses public attention on this pressing social problem and solution-based programs, like APIP, that are creating positive change.

National Recovery Month
National Recovery Month: Celebrating the Gains of Those in Recovery

Did you know that nearly 21 million Americans are battling at least one addiction? Although every person who enters recovery is a victory, the recovery movement’s work has only begun. September’s National Recovery Month provides us with an opportunity to look at the impact that programs like our New Path Treatment Center make in the community every day and look forward to a promising future for all those in recovery.