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5 Ways of Giving Back Without Reaching into Your Pocket


A common misconception is that donations always have to or only involve money. Yet, there are so many ways to give back that are just as helpful, if not more so. Every little thing counts and is appreciated by non-profit and charitable organizations. In the famous words of Winston Churchill, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

Any of These Options Can Make a Real Difference

Below are ways to give back that only require your time, effort, and kindness:

1.      Donate Goods

clothing drive, people sortsting through boxes of clothes

There is always a need for items like clothing, shoes, and jackets. You can donate any of these items at donation bins located all over areas of Long Island. Volunteering at or organizing a local coat drive is another excellent way to give back to your community as well.

2.      Volunteer Your Time

Donating your time and effort is always going to be welcomed and needed. There are soup kitchens and food pantries that need help. For example, programs that assist seniors like Meals on Wheels can always use additional support. You can also check for community organizations dedicated to cleaning and beautifying neighborhoods.

Also, many charitable and community organizations have specialized needs but cannot afford to employ dedicated staff. You might be a tech guru, a great photographer, a good writer, a great cook, or have fantastic people skills. Consider offering your time and services and making a difference by applying your unique skills.

3.      Set Up a Free Library

You can give back and connect with people who love reading by setting up a little free library and increasing access to books. These are small free-standing bookcases on a post where people can leave a book or take a book for others. Where it may cost a few dollars to purchase or build it, the positive vibes it provides in the community are worth it. Not everyone has the same level of access to books. You can research and learn about what it takes to start your free library here.

4.      Donate Blood

nurse drawing blood

Consider donating blood. There is always a constant need for donations; you can save a life by doing so. Look for a blood drive or facility that you can donate to. You can even partner up with Red Cross and host a blood drive. They will provide you with much of what you need for the event.

5.      Donate Food Items

Sometimes, you have extra non-perishables or canned food sitting around your pantry. You can consider donating these to a charitable organization in your area. Whenever you make a trip down to the grocery store, throw in a couple of extra supplies to donate. You can also organize a food drive to benefit a specific food pantry or shelter.

Choosing Any of These Ways to Give Back is a Kind Gesture

You should take pride in knowing that your time and effort help to improve the lives of those in need and positively impact the community.

EAC Network relies on the generosity of donors of all kinds. Through them, we can continue providing all of our services to New York City and Long Island communities.

Reach out today if you are interested in getting involved with contributing to EAC’s mission to build a better community.

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