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Our Vocational Services Provide a Vital Link to Employment

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With the unemployment rate in the double digits, EAC Network’s vocational services and programs are providing vital assistance that place vulnerable New Yorkers on a path to gainful employment.

EAC Network’s Vocational Programs Provide New Opportunities

EAC Network offers a wide variety of vocational services and programs that provide career skills to at-risk and homeless New Yorkers, which help with obtaining and retaining employment.

EAC Network’s Enhanced Employment Initiative advances education and employment opportunities for those who are involved in the criminal justice system. Our support services provide vocational and educational counseling services to individuals who are challenged with substance abuse issues, and to those who receive services from drug treatment agencies in Nassau County.

A participant in a vocational services programMission Employment’s Vocational Services Help At-Risk Youth

Mission Employment guides at-risk youth between the ages of 18 to 24 who reside in the Town of Hempstead or the City of Long Beach to a successful career path by providing vital services, including:

  • Counseling
  • A career assessment
  • Job readiness workshops
  • On-the-job training
  • Paid internships

This vocational services program is geared towards those individuals who are not currently attending high school or college, and/or are economically disadvantaged, including:

  • Ex-offenders
  • Those that are homeless
  • Those residing in foster care
  • Women and Men who are parenting, or Women who are pregnant
  • Individuals with documented disability

Mission Employment provides each participant with an individual service strategy plan, which includes 14 elements and provides supportive services that connects them to a career pathway.

A Mission Employment Success Story

K.Y. was admitted to the program based on his criminal history. Upon entering the program, Mission Employment connected him to services to assist him with his negative home environment.

As K.Y. attended program workshops, Mission Employment staff assisted him with overcoming the barrier of his criminal background to be able to find employment. He was referred to the Breaking Barriers program, which assists individuals with criminal records, and helps to confirm or dismiss record contents.

After confirming the accuracy of his criminal record, Mission Employment assisted K.Y. in obtaining employment where he excelled.  K.Y. completed the required 14 elements and was now ready to attend vocational training.  He attended Commercial Driver Training School where he did extremely well and completed the program.  Commercial Driver Training School staff informed Mission Employment staff that K.Y. had passed the most difficult part of the Commercial Driving licensing test on the first attempt, and he successfully completed all portions of the CDL exam the following day.

K.Y. obtained a job at Western Express but was furloughed due to COVID-19.  He expects to return to work in the near future.

A man going to a vocational services appointmentSupport Our COVID-19 RESPONSE FUND Today

EAC Network is able to perform vital vocational services through the generous support of our network of donors. With demand continuing to rise to employment-related programs, your donations are more critical to our success than ever before.

Consider making a donation to the EAC Network COVID-19 RESPONSE FUND today. Together, we can help at-risk New Yorkers take charge of their lives.

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