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How Our Vocational Programs Are Building a Brighter Future

vocational programs

A stable job is a pivotal part of achieving the “American Dream.” But at-risk individuals often face obstacles entering the work force. Sometimes, all they really need is a little extra help. EAC Network’s various vocational programs help local men and women to build a brighter future.

What is Vocational Education?

Vocational education prepares people to join the workforce. It can provide job readiness, employment placement, and other services that help to transition an individual to successfully hold a job.

EAC Network’s Vocational Programs Turn Lives Around

Enhanced Employment Initiative (EEI)

Our Enhanced Employment Initiative (EEI) advances education and employment opportunities for individuals involved in the criminal justice system. In collaboration with TASC, the courts, the District Attorney’s Office, treatment providers, and various community-based organizations, EEI helps court-mandated individuals by providing services such as:

  • Job preparation
  • Employment placement
  • Individual career counseling
  • Referrals to education programs

Mission Employment

Mission Employment assists at-risk, 18 to 24-year-olds who reside in the Town of Hempstead or the City of Long Beach to develop a career path. It provides career assessments, workshops, job readiness, and on-the-job training. Mission Employment works with several different groups of youth, including:

  • Individuals not currently attending high school or college
  • Economically disadvantaged high school graduates
  • Ex-offenders
  • Homeless individuals
  • Those residing in foster care
  • Pregnant or parenting young women
  • Disabled individuals

vocational programs

Home and Community-Based Services

Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) provides vocational and educational services to adults with mental illness and substance abuse disorders to address school or career challenges that may be hindering their overall health. These individuals may also be experiencing non-medical concerns, such as obtaining employment or housing, which are holding them back.

With referrals to Health Home Care Managers and Managed Care organizations, HCBS develops an individualized plan of care, and then monitors the progress of individuals enrolled in the program.

Vocational Services

EAC Network’s Vocational Services program provides vocational and educational counseling and services to people battling substance abuse who receive services from drug treatment agencies in Nassau County. Since these individuals often find difficulty obtaining and maintaining employment, EAC Network’s program provides assistance, counseling, and services that improve their chance of success.

vocational programs

7 Benefits of Vocational Programs

Vocational programs have helped solve many local individuals’ employment issues. Programs like Mission Employment, the Enhanced Employment Initiative, and Vocational Services provide participants with seven important benefits:

  • Practical instruction
  • A path to employment
  • Specialized training
  • Personal attention
  • Flexible schedules
  • Affordability
  • Opportunity for job sustainability

For at-risk individuals, EAC Network’s vocational programs provide hope and opportunity at a time when they are needed most. With a little extra care, these local men and women are building better lives for themselves every day.

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vocational programs

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