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Meet Aneesah from Transitional Case Management

Meet Aneesah from Transitional Case Management
Aneesah, Transitional Case Management Client


Aneesah suffered from a tragic family incident that led to her incarceration after her attempted suicide resulted in the accidental harm of another individual. She was given two choices: plead guilty to a violent felony or plead not guilty for a lesser charge that would add up to five additional years in prison. Aneesah chose to accept the felony charge in exchange for a reduced sentence so she could reunite with her daughter who was a teenager at the time. After her release, she was homeless, had no treatment resources, and no support system.

Our case managers at TCM regularly visit the Suffolk County Correctional Facility in Riverhead to assess and counsel eligible inmates before they are released. This is where Aneesah first met with TCM case manager, Michelle.

“I have [TCM] to put me in the right direction and guide me on where to go. Without it, I wouldn’t even know where to look for these programs,” said Aneesah. “Because of the program I have direction, help, and courage. It gives me hope. They gave me the push I needed. I can begin a normal life again.”

TCM was able to get Aneesah mental and addiction counseling, as well as temporary housing. She is now sober, has rebuilt her relationship with her family, and recently celebrated the birth of her grandson.

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