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Bank of America Volunteers with Fresh from the Garden!

We value our Corporate Partners, and EAC Network has a long relationship with Bank of America. In addition to yearly grants, Bank of America takes the time to get involved in our programs. Recently, Bank of America employees spent their day giving back to one of our new programs, Fresh from the Garden.

Seniors are vulnerable, and the problem worsens when they live in what is known as a “food desert.” These are communities that have few or no grocery stores, which causes seniors who can’t travel to be at risk for malnutrition and other health problems.

“Fresh from the Garden promotes the power of good nutrition with funding from the Bank of America,” said Carol O’Neill, the Senior Director of Senior & Nutrition Services. “EAC Network is grateful for the financial and volunteer support from Bank of America. EAC Network joined forces with Bank of America to improve the lives of older New Cassel residents. Fresh from the Garden provides nutrition chats, cooking demonstrations, and produce from Long Island farms all delivered right where they live. It’s like bringing a farmer’s market to their doors!” Read more about the launch of Fresh from the Garden here.

Bank of America is committed to improving the nutrition of our seniors, and their volunteers distributed fresh fruit and vegetables to our seniors at Magnolia Garden Housing in New Cassel. Check out the photos below!

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Sarah Muller is the Development & Marketing Assistant for EAC Network. She graduated from the University of Vermont with a B.A. in English.

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