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Chris Mullin and Amanda Arcuri
Overcoming Adversity with NBA Stars

Our Division Director of New York City Services, Amanda Arcuri, recently attended the Samaritan Daytop Foundation Gala where former NBA All Star and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Chris Mullin, former NBA player Chris Herren, and Eric Hadar, Chairman and CEO of Allied Partners, were honored for their dedication to help others battle addictions through effective and necessary treatment.

Mental Health
Out of the Darkness…

We recently attended the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Out of Darkness Community Walk on October 23rd and heard the heart wrenching stories of those who have lost loved ones to suicide, as well as the hopeful perspectives of survivors. Given the large impact suicide has had on Long Islanders, we think it’s time to address it.

Dispute resolution
Mediation: It’s More Than Just Talking It Out

Conflict is unavoidable. At times, the problem may spiral out of control and become overwhelming. When an issue gets too much for you to handle, who do you turn to for help? Lawyers and civil lawsuits take time and can be expensive. Our Long Island Dispute Resolution Centers (LIDRC) provide conflict resolution interventions that help individuals, families, businesses, and the community at large to resolve a wide range of disputes at no cost.

Success Story; Community Service Programs
We’ve Lost the Village

Parenting is hard and it’s getting even harder. As a parenting educator, I often get asked why I think it so difficult to raise today’s generation. Is it technology, the economy, or maybe something in the water? Although many variables play a part in the changes we see today, my experience has taught me that children have not changed that much across generations.

Keep Your Child Safe on the Road Infographic
Keep your Child Safe on the Road

According to the CDC, 96% of parents and/or caregivers believe that they have properly installed their child’s car safety seat. In reality, seven out of ten children are improperly restrained in a passenger vehicle. These conflicting statistics shed light on the need for prevalent child safety seat education programs.

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