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Quatela Chimeri: A Law Firm that Goes Above and Beyond

Divorce is never easy, especially when there are children involved. It’s crucial to build a support system to help get you through a divorce – this includes the right attorney. The attorneys you rely on during a divorce process will have a significant impact on how you transition to the next phase of your life.

In Quatela Chimeri’s role as attorneys, the team works with clients to thoroughly understand their personal experiences, motivation and goals in order to develop a case-specific plan. They provide results-driven solutions needed to most efficiently overcome family law challenges while protecting a family’s best interest, even after divorce proceedings end.

Low-level hostility may escalate, as it often does in an emotional divorce process. If it does, there is an immediate need to protect yourself and any family members who are at risk. Quatela Chimeri has cultivated a strong relationship with the EAC Network, which helps families overcome challenges during the divorce process and beyond.
Responding to human needs with programs and direct support services that protect children, promote healthy families and empower individuals to take control of their lives, EAC Network continues to address the critical needs of our region’s most vulnerable populations including:

• Suffolk County Children’s Center at Cohalan Court, which provides a safe place where children engage in fun and educational activities while their parents or guardians attend to court business.
• Family Court TASC, an intervention and prevention program that connects treatment services to individuals who have substance abuse issues and who are involved in Nassau or Suffolk Family Courts.
• Abusive Partner Intervention Program (APIP) that helps participants to identify harmful thoughts, beliefs, actions, and values with the goal of creating better life skills and strategies that promote healthy relationships.
• Project Access which supports and facilitates non-custodial parents’ access to visitations with their children.
• The Long Island Parenting Institute (LIPI) for enhancing outcomes for children by strengthening families and empowering mothers and fathers to become confident and effective parents.

Quatela Chimeri strongly believes in EAC Network’s mission in helping families build safe and healthy lives through advocacy. With the firm’s managing partner Joseph Quatela on our Board, we thank him and Quatela Chimeri for their shared vision in fulfilling our mission and striving to achieve the best possible outcome for all.



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