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John Durso, President of Local 338 RWDSU/UFCW, elected new Chairman of the EAC Board of Directors

John Durso Local 338

Labor leader John Durso has been elected as the new chairperson of Garden City-based EAC Network’s board of directors.

Durso succeeds the previous board chair, Richard Kessel.

Neela Mukherjee Lockel, president and CEO of EAC Network, which assists 54,000 people in need throughout Long Island and New York City, said the nonprofit is excited to have Durso as its board’s new chairperson.

“We are thankful to benefit from John’s vast experience and leadership,” Lockel said in the statement. “As we emerge from COVID, stronger and ready to respond to the evolving needs and priorities of our communities, we are grateful to have John help us share the compelling stories of our service and impact.”

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