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Seth Azizollahoff headshot
EAC Network Appoints Seth Azizollahoff as Chief Human Resources Officer

EAC Network is pleased to announce the appointment of Seth Azizollahoff to the role of Chief Human Resources Officer. Prior to joining EAC Network, Seth served as the Associate Vice President, Human Resources and Facilities Management, for the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) since 2007. Seth oversaw human resources activities…

EAC Network partners with Kids Helping Kids By Kids Way
Kids Helping Kids By Kids Way Partners With EAC Network

Delivers Hope and Warmth to Children in Need For Cold Winter Months Ahead Kids Helping Kids by Kids Way, Inc. once again partnered with EAC Network to donate thousands of new-branded-only winter coats and apparel. These gifts of warmth will benefit children who have been abused, neglected, sexually exploited, those…

Neela Mukherjee Lockel headshot
EAC Network’s CEO Neela Lockel Featured in Newsday

Our Chief Executive Officer Neela Lockel was featured in today’s Newsday, Long Island’s leading newspaper. In an opinion piece, titled ‘Child Sexual Abuse Must be Reported,’ Lockel talked about how most perpetrators of child sexual abuse are someone the child knows or someone the child’s family trusts. “At EAC Network,…

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