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The Importance of Empowering Youth

1st July Blog - Empowering Youth - Feature - Final

Empowering youth means providing the necessary tools, opportunities, and support to develop a sense of confidence that they will use throughout their lives. This foundation is imperative not only for their personal development but for the communities as well. Supported, educated, and informed children grow to become inspired and capable contributors and difference-makers in society. We, at EAC Network, recognize the importance of this phase in childhood development and offer assistance in teaching and instilling it into all children in need.

Lasting Impressions at Any Age

older kids sitting outdoors at an event

The expression “Children are like sponges” is often said and entirely accurate. This is especially true during a child’s formative years (ages 0-8), where they develop their physical, cognitive, emotional, and social skills. Kids are constantly influenced by their surroundings, and adults need to be aware of this and use it to their advantage through every stage of their life. Here are some tips for empowering youth of any age:

  • Be fully present and engaged
  • Try to see the world through their eyes
  • Consider their views
  • Ask genuine questions and then expand on their answers
  • Encourage curiosity and questions
  • Entrust them with different levels of choices and responsibilities
  • Observe their behaviors and decision-making
  • Plan things to do with their interests in mind
  • Ensure that lessons come from mistakes

EAC Network Provides Support for Children in Need

men bent down talking and mentoring a young child sitting on a bench

Our programs offer different levels of assistance to children in our communities. Kids aren’t all afforded the same opportunities and circumstances. They come from environments and situations that are out of their control and can sometimes lead to negative or hurtful outcomes. Two programs that we offer, Chance to Advance and Alternatives for Youth, provide services that focus on empowering our youth as a result of different situations.

Chance to Advance

This EAC Network program focuses on reducing risk factors for children in foster care. Mentors are matched up with kids aged 8-20 and work toward positively impacting the lives of these at-risk children by providing a positive outlook. Empowering youth makes them more likely to take risks, overcome challenges, and embrace new opportunities.

Alternatives for Youth

Our program is designed to provide services for troubled youth that often find themselves in the juvenile justice system. When this happens, the family as a whole suffers. EAC Network assists with substance abuse treatment, anger management, family counseling, and more. A case worker is assigned to help stabilize the family with a Family Intervention Plan. There are Peer Specialists for the children, as well as the parents. Both aim to empower them to approach and handle their specific issues better from now on.

Investing in Empowering Youth Leads to A Better Future

Woman advising a child

Child empowerment is a moral imperative and a strategic investment in their futures. We help to unlock their full potential. By doing so, they achieve an expanding level of self-confidence and resilience that will help them reach their full potential. EAC Network prides itself on our ability to help empower everyone to regain control of their lives again or for the first time.

Contact EAC Network today to learn more about our programs and services for children in need.



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