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Empowering Staten Island: EAC Network’s Impact Collaborating with the Richmond County DA’s Office

Welcome to another episode of EAC Network’s “More to Do” podcast. On today’s episode, our hosts, Robert Stricoff, Chief External Affairs Officer at EAC Network, and Lisa Mirabile, President and CEO of Vertigo Media Group and EAC Board Member, sit down with the team at the Richmond County’s District Attorney Office. DA Michael McMahon is joined by Amanda Wexler, Hope Coordinator, and James Clinton, Community Partner, as they discuss the impact of EAC’s work on the Staten Island borough. The EAC Network collaborates with the DA for a number of our programs, including TASC, APIP, SCRAM, and CRAN. Join us as we discuss the measurable impact of our partnership and the implemented systems to assist the Staten Island community going forward.

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