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Back to School SAFETY ALERT: Unpacking Erin’s Law in New York State Schools

Welcome to the latest episode of EAC Network’s More to Do hosted by EAC’s very own, Robert Stricoff, Chief External Affairs Officer. In this installment, Robert focuses on an extremely important back-to-school issue: Erin’s Law and child sexual abuse prevention. If you’re a parent, educator, or school official—we urge you—take the time to listen to this episode in its entirety. As we send our children back to school and get ready for a successful and safe year ahead, More to Do highlights the importance of implementing Erin’s Law in the New York State School System. Robert’s two, very significant guests, include Keryn Lemp, a Community Educator at EAC’s Suffolk County Child Advocacy Center, and Bob Vecchio, Executive Director of the Nassau-Suffolk School Boards Association. They offer important advice, including how to educate your child, keep them safe, recognize warning signals, and effectively communicate with your child or students if you believe they are in danger.

Erin’s Law: A law that requires all public schools in each state to teach child sexual abuse prevention education to students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. The law was named after childhood sexual assault survivor and advocate, Erin Merryn.

More to Do is an EAC Network podcast dedicated to uplifting New York communities through empowerment, assistance, and care.

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