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A Panel of the Founding Figures of New York’s Community Dispute Resolution Centers

A Panel of the Founding Figures of New York’s Community Dispute Resolution Centers 

In 2021, EAC’s Long Island Dispute Resolution Center (LIDRC) celebrate the 40th anniversary  of the statewide Community Dispute Resolution Centers (CDRC) Network.

On April 21st, staff and other other CDRCs participated in the statewide conference, which included a panel of the Founding Figures of New York’s CDRCs facilitated by Daniel Kos, Assistant Statewide ADR Coordinator, NYS Unified Court System.  Rebecca Bell, former EAC’s Executive Vice-President, Chief Operation Officer & founder/Program Director of EAC’s LIDRC formerly known as Mediation Alternative Project and Community Mediation Center, participated as one of the founding figures and talked about the network’s early days, discussed the cultural moment from which CDRCs emerged, and how CDRCs have changed over the years.

Their remarks provided the CDRCs a sense of perspective during these challenging times, when dispute resolution is highly needed.  Other panelist included:  Tom Christian, NYS Unified Court System; Mark Collins, NYS Unified Court System; John McCullough, founder of New Justice Services; Judy Saul, founder of Community Dispute Resolution Center; Andrew Thomas, founder of Center for Dispute Settlement; Chris Whipple, founder of Mediation Centers at Victim Services Agency.   More information about Conflict Resolution Services, Nassau-(516)489-7733  or Suffolk-(631) 265-0490

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