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EAC Network: Over 100 Programs Focused on Supporting NYC Social Services

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Social services form the backbone of a compassionate society, aiming to uplift individuals, families, and communities in times of need. These essential programs are designed to address various societal challenges and strengthen neighborhoods. NYC social services strive to transform those lives, living across the five boroughs and struggling with emotional, physical, or mental hardships.

Your Streets, Our Streets

EAC Network runs over 100 programs and services that align with NYC social services initiatives. Through our efforts and community-based collaboration, we are focused on addressing some of New York’s more pressing issues and concerns.

EAC Network’s NYC programs aim to be effective in the following areas:

  • Support substance abuse recovery
  • Provide effective behavioral court treatments
  • Decrease offender re-entry through education and alternative options to incarceration
  • Assist families in staying united, healthy, and safe by offering proven addiction recovery for long-term success
  • Empower communities by delivering a variety of vocational programs that give participants the skills needed to obtain and retain employment

EAC creates a happier and better-served community for all.

A Deeper Look into the Core of EAC Network’s NYC Programs

Alternatives to Incarcerations

Our alternatives to incarceration programs offer individuals with mental health or substance abuse problems options other than imprisonment. People deserve the specific help they need to heal with long-term results properly. EAC Network is responsible for standing by the taxpayers and spending funds effectively. Proven rehabilitation success rates.

Through strategically planned initiatives, non-violent offenders dealing with a substance use disorder are placed in treatment programs, offering them a way out of the criminal justice system. Once accepted, they provide assistance, including trauma-informed case management that engages clients in recovery, monitoring services, accountability incentives, and consequences for failure to comply.

By focusing on the specific needs of these individuals, our programs contribute to improved recovery journeys and the community’s overall well-being. We’ve also cultivated relationships with various New York-based treatment providers, allowing EAC Network to flexibly support those who require targeted services.

EAC Network Programs Focused on Alternatives to Incarceration:

  • Brooklyn Collaborative Legal Engagement Assistance Response (CLEAR)
  • TASC Programs
  • Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM)
  • Mental Health Diversion

Substance Abuse & Behavioral Court Treatment Projects

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EAC’s substance abuse and treatment programs offer support, choices, and chances to individuals battling alcohol and drug problems. Assisting them in overcoming substance abuse cuts down on medical expenses, reunites families, and fosters safer communities. Participants include a range of community members who are given the opportunity to create a support system amongst one another.

Together with legal professionals such as top judges from multiple courts, case managers, addiction specialists, and social workers–they strive to improve their life skills and self-care methods using education and active support. Success is measured by the jobs they secure, positive contributions to their communities, stronger families, and safer children. Our goal is to help New Yorkers build a trustworthy and supportive atmosphere that empowers fellow community members to successfully overcome the chains of addiction…and finally start healing.

EAC Network Programs Focused on Substance Abuse and Recovery:

  • Abusive Partner Intervention Program (APIP)
  • Alcohol Education Program (AEP)
  • Drug Testing Services
  • Opioid Overdose Prevention Program
  • Fentanyl Community Engagement and Test Strip Distribution Initiative
  • Brooklyn Misdemeanor Veterans Treatment Court
  • Brooklyn Behavioral Health Collaborative
  • Brooklyn Youth Initiative (BYI)
  • Manhattan Treatment Court Risk Needs Responsibility Project

Offender Re-entry

EAC’s offender re-entry programs lower the rate at which participants re-offend and ease the returning-to-society process. Our goal is that participants achieve lasting stability in their personal lives and accept that re-entering the criminal justice system is no longer an option. Through collaboration with state and local organizations, clinical care coordinators, and case managers, we provide vocational training and personalized treatment programs to support progress and recovery. Equipping people with the tools needed to break the cycle of crime and instead reach for opportunity, genuine personal growth, and positive change.

EAC Network Programs Focused on Offender Re-Entry:

  • Enhanced Employment Initiative (EEI)
  • Offender Re-entry Program (ORP)
  • Community Re-entry Assistance Network (CRAN)

EAC Network and NYC Social Services: Two Organizations, One Aligned Goal

The collective efforts of NYC social services and EAC Network’s programs represent our commitment to the well-being of society and its citizens. By helping those facing adversity, all our programs uphold our commitment to Empower, Assist, and Care. Armed with compassion and solidarity, we work together as one strong state toward a more equitable and harmonious future.


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