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In-Home Respite Services

senior respite program

Program Overview

In-Home Respite Services provides in-home caregivers (companions) to Nassau County residents caring for an elderly relative in their home so the caregiver can take much-needed time off.

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Clients Served Last Year:


Program Contact:

Christine Weber
Program Coordinator

Funding Generously Provided by:

New York State Office for the Aging, Town of North Hempstead Project Independence, the Helen A. Morris Foundation, and private donations.

Contact Information:

50 Clinton Street, Suite 107
Hempstead, NY 11550
(516) 539-0150 x218

Christine Weber
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Program Description

The Problem:

94% of Nassau County residents 65 and older live at home, and those who need help to stay independent rely on their families for assistance. Thousands of family members who care for an older adult at home are overwhelmed with the stress of day-to-day care giving and the well-being of their loved one.

Our Solution:

Offer compassionate and reliable in-home companions so caregivers can attend to business, run errands, or relax knowing their loved one is in good hands.

How We Do it:

In-Home Respite Services begins with a free in-home assessment by a Registered Nurse who matches the family with a trained companion to ensure compatibility. All companions are screened and trained to work with seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or other related dementia. Companions offer friendship, bring the outside world into the home, introduce the older adult to games and other activities, prepare a light meal, provide minimal assistance with toileting, keep seniors safe in the absence of the caregiver, and provide additional support.

How You Can Help:

In-Home Respite Services seeks volunteers to become companions. To volunteer your time, please contact Christine Weber at (516) 539-0150 x218. To support In-Home Respite Services with a gift, click here or call (516) 539-0150 x117.


The Outcomes of In-Home Respite Services

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As visitors other than the caregivers, In-Home Respite Services companions stimulate socialization for program participants. Over time, they develop close, long-term relationships. By allowing caregivers time off, they are given the opportunity for rejuvenation and self care.

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Furthermore, this support for families allows seniors to remain in their homes longer, resulting in significant savings to families and tax payers alike.

What People Say About In-Home Respite Services

I get great relief for those hours Carolyn is here. I look forward to the time she is here. I feel very comfortable leaving Rose with her. She’s trustworthy and the care she gives Rose is genuine.

In-Home Respite Services Client

It has helped me tremendously for me to get out once a week to go food shopping and getting to doctors appointments when needed. I don’t know how we would have made it without this help. Thank you.

In-Home Respite Services Client

Pat is not only Evelyn’s Tuesday companion, she is now her best friend. It gives me much time to complete things I did not have time to do before this wonderful service. They really help me in so many ways.

In-Home Respite Services Client

Linda is a very caring person. She cares for the comfort of my husband but she cares very much for my health and makes me feel good about myself and gives me strength to take care of my husband and myself.

In-Home Respite Services Client

Every Tuesday, there’s a knock on the door. Alan comes in and my father’s face lights up. He always brings a little something: a piece of pastry, an old movie to watch. But his biggest gift is time. My dad loves to talk to people. But he can’t get out much anymore. A little more than a year ago, he was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and Alzheimer’s disease. One keeps him tied to an oxygen tank. The other is slowly robbing him of his memory. Walking is painful and difficult for him because of leg and knee injuries he suffered while fighting in World War II. He can’t leave the house by himself, and he can’t be left alone. Left to himself, he would remove the oxygen tube – he can’t remember why he needs it. Or he might put the kettle on the stove, then leave it to boil dry while he takes a nap. Now he stays at home with my mother. They are 89 and 90 years old. They’ve been married for more than 60 years. Many of their friends have moved; many have passed away. Alan brings the world to my father. For three hours a week, he sits and talks. Sometimes they watch a movie together, or look at photographs or play cards. Alan doesn’t care that my dad doesn’t know what day it is, or what season, or whether he repeats himself. He’s a friend whose conversation keeps my dad’s mind active, whose interest in my dad’s stories makes him smile. And Alan gives the world back to my mother. She’s the one taking care of my dad every day and sometimes she just needs a break. When Alan comes over, she can go out and visit a friend. Sometimes the biggest luxury is to be able to run to the grocery store. For three hours, she has her life back. It’s just three hours every week, but EAC Network’s In-Home Respite Services program makes a world of difference to the people who need it.

In-Home Respite Services Client

There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe our caregiver, Bill. For two days a week, three hours each day, he has been a ray of sunshine for our family. He has a generous heart, is always willing to please, and has become in a short time become a very valued member of our family. We feel very blessed to have Bill in our lives.

In-Home Respite Services Client

Our family has been blessed to have the wonderful help of EAC Network and their amazing caregiver Olga. Mom suffered with Alzheimer’s and it really took its toll on my dad. To give dad a break EAC Network arranged for guardian angel Olga to visit my folks each Wednesday. For about 4.5 years now, Olga has come and keeps mom company so dad could get out for a break. Whether it is singing, telling stories, coloring, or brushing mom’s hair, Olga gives mom love and attention that makes her so happy. When Olga arrives she always greets mom with a big hug and mom’s face lights up. We noticed the difference in mom immediately. Often mom looked despondent but not when Olga is around. Olga seems to have limitless energy and affection which adds quality to mom’s life. Despite mom’s cognitive challenges, Olga is able to connect with her. Olga understands this disease from the eyes of the patient, as her husband Jack also had Alzheimer’s. She is truly a remarkable woman. We consider her a member of our family and are so grateful to EAC Network for bringing us together.

In-Home Respite Services Client

Thank you so much for posting [about the Memory Cafe] last month.  My friend’s parents felt isolated and alone dealing with this issue.  I shared this event with them. They found an acquaintance at St. Rafael’s who was going as well. They went together, and had an incredible time. They said the food was great, the guitarist was wonderful, and they had a lovely afternoon that was very encouraging. Someone so friendly and kind from EAC Network went around and spoke to each table. They are very pleased to have found this local group and excited to go again.  It’s so close to their home!  Thank you, thank you!

Memory Cafe Attendee
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