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Meet the EAC Network Team

EAC Network's dedicated staff serve over 71,000 people. All members, no matter how big or small their role in the organization, operate with one common goal in mind: to fulfil our mission.

Executive Team

Lance Elder, President & CEO of EAC Network

Lance W. Elder
President & CEO

(516) 539-0150
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EAC Network Team, Tania Peterson Chandler

Tania Peterson Chandler, Esq.
Vice President of Operations

(516) 539-0150
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Lori Browning Headshot

Lori Browning
Vice President of HR

(516) 539-0150
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Glenn Stanis, EAC Network Team

Glenn Stanis
Vice President of Finance

(516) 539-0150
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Division & Senior Directors

Meet the EAC Network Team, Amanda Arcuri

Amanda Arcuri, LCSW
Division Director of New York City Services

(718) 975-0180
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EAC Network Team, Rachel Lugo

Rachel Lugo
Division Director of Family Support & Vocational Services

(631) 648-7100 x227
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Meet the EAC Network Team, Angela Malone

Angela Malone
Division Director of Health Services

(516) 539-0150 x109
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Trudi McKenley, EAC Network Team

Trudi McKenley
Senior Director of Long Island Social & Community Justice Services

(516) 489-7733 x163
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Meet the EAC Network Team Carol ONeill

Carol O’Neill
Senior Director of Senior & Nutritional Services

(516) 539-0150 x220
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Andrea Ramos Topper, EAC Network Team

Andrea Ramos-Topper, LMSW
Division Director of Children’s Services

(631) 439-0480
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Meet the EAC Network Team, Rhonda Wainwright-Jones

Rhonda Wainwright-Jones
Senior Director of Long Island TASC

(516) 486-8944 x107
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Daniel Taylor
Senior Administrative Coordinator
(516) 539-0150 x113
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Human Resources

Randi Foster
Senior Director of Human Resources
(516) 539-0150
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Charlene Middleton
Benefits and 401k Manager
(516) 539-0150 x105
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Kecia McCormick
Senior HR Generalist
(516) 539-0150 x136
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Kayla Henderson
HRIS Specialist
(516) 539-0150 x108
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Regine Michel
(516) 539-0150 x106
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Karine Murad
HR Generalist
(516) 539-0150 x111
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Maritza Bauer
Senior Director of Finance
(516) 539-0150 x114
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Eileen Kadamus
Senior Accountant
(516) 539-0150 x119
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Ester Chavez
Accounting Manager
(516) 539-0150 x121
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Sharifa Zaban
Payroll Manager
(516) 539-0150 x138
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Latoya Boyd
Junior Accountant
(516) 539-0150 x230
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Bernadette Kehlmann
Senior Bookkeeper
(516) 539-0150 x116
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Cassandra Rodriguez
Junior Bookkeeper
(516) 539-0150 x120
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Development & Marketing

Alena Jones
Director of Development & Marketing
(516) 539-0150 x117
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Denise Devlin
Director of Foundation & Corporate Relations
(516) 539-0150 x115
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Sue Fragale
Director of Community Engagement & Partnerships
(516) 539-0150 x210
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Sarah Muller
Development and Marketing Assistant
(516) 539-0150 x123
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Program Directors

Mary DeGiovine-Robins
Program Director
Vocational Services
(516) 489-8101 x186
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Leslie Dewrance-Doucet, MPA
Program Director
Suffolk Community Service (Pre-Plea)
(631) 328-9080 x211
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Katrina Edwards, CASAC
Program Director
Bronx CIRT
(718) 538-7416
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Crystal Stanton, MA
Program Director
Staten Island TASC
(718) 727-9722 x205
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Dr. J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner
Program Director
Mental Health Court Advocacy, Forensic ICM
(718) 975-0180
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