Long Island Parenting Institute

Free Parent Support Group – Are You Helping or Hurting?

Ever wonder if you’re enabling your child’s behavior by giving in or being unclear about your expectations? Attend this session to learn the tools of positive discipline to effectively identify and address negative behaviors and skills to communicate appropriate expectations.

4 Strategies for When Your Toddler Enters the “Mine” Stage

It is a perfectly normal part of development for toddlers to believe that everything is “mine.” As children learn about themselves as individuals with characteristics that are both similar and different from others, a conflict arises.  At this time, sharing is not a focus for them, as they are more concerned with their own desires.  

LI Parenting Institute
Free Parenting Workshop – Positive Parenting

How do I get my children to increase positive behavior and decrease negative behavior? Get together with other parents to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of certain discipline techniques. We will explore how to teach more and punish less.

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We’ve Lost the Village

Parenting is hard and it’s getting even harder. As a parenting educator, I often get asked why I think it so difficult to raise today’s generation. Is it technology, the economy, or maybe something in the water? Although many variables play a part in the changes we see today, my experience has taught me that children have not changed that much across generations.

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