Long Island Dispute Resolution Centers

30-Hour Basic Mediation Training

The Long Island Dispute Resolution Center (LIDRC) of Suffolk County is currently seeking to expand our volunteer mediator pool for its Presumptive Mediation Programming and other mediation services. Applicants who wish to be considered must complete the initial training and be willing to sign a one-year commitment upon completing the volunteer mediator apprenticeship. There will be no training fees for those willing to volunteer; however there is a $50 administrative fee to register. Please note that participation in our Apprenticeship Program is by invitation only.

Dispute resolution
Mediation: It’s More Than Just Talking It Out

Conflict is unavoidable. At times, the problem may spiral out of control and become overwhelming. When an issue gets too much for you to handle, who do you turn to for help? Lawyers and civil lawsuits take time and can be expensive. Our Long Island Dispute Resolution Centers (LIDRC) provide conflict resolution interventions that help individuals, families, businesses, and the community at large to resolve a wide range of disputes at no cost.